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DelynnPhotoLetterIt's Never Too Early

A common idiom in the English language is the saying, “It’s never too late.” In other words, it is never impossible to do something regardless of how old one is. That may be true, but I’m here to challenge that notion, especially with regard to holiday crafting. My thought is this:“It’s never too early to . . .” (You fill in the blank).

As I write this letter, it is early August. I’ve recently been to various mainstream craft stores and, you guessed it, they already have their Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Fall 2018 decorations ready for purchase. They are definitely operating under the “never too early” principal.

Glass Patterns Quarterly has been working on holiday articles since last spring. I want to thank each and every one of our amazing fall issue contributing authors. They really rallied to come up with unique spins on beloved holiday images. These artists start their creative juices flowing long before Memorial Day so that you can enjoy a fabulous collection of fused, mosaic, and stained glass projects all in one resource.

We were busy sketching designs for holiday fun back in the spring. Now it’s your turn to get started on your holiday projects whether you are creating for fun, decor, or gift giving. Everyone loves to get something in glass for the holidays!

Besides the projects in this issue, there are wonderful glass art projects from past issues of GPQ. Just visit www.glasspatterns.com and enter a keyword that describes what you’re looking for in the white “Search” box near the top right on the home page. You can enter words like Christmas, Holidays, Thanksgiving, or other special days, for example, to find a list of projects centered around your desired theme. If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for animal lovers, the sports minded, or people with some other particular interest, try those types of keywords. There is a virtual treasure trove with hundreds of patterns available to purchase on the GPQ website. If you enter “free patterns,” you’ll even find some of those as well.

You’ve been warned. It’s time to make your list and start in on the fun of creating and giving during this festive time of year. It’s never too early.

Happy glassing,

Delynn Ellis

Managing Editor


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