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One of the things I notice as I look at photos of completed glass projects posted on various media, whether in print or on the Web and social media, is the radiant smiles of the creators. The cutting, soldering, fusing, grinding, painting, and repairing—followed by a sigh of relief—is all part of the “deal” when working with glass. Hands down, the most rewarding part is when a piece is finished! Then you are ready to sell it, gift it, or hang it. The zing of accomplishment is forthcoming as your friends marvel at your handiwork. That smile can last for days, weeks, and hopefully years to come for the creator and recipient, alike.

With the Glass Patterns Quarterly winter issue, we serve up the best wildlife and landscape designs submitted by our rock star contributors. Through the years of working for GPQ, I have found that the wildlife theme never gets old for glass fabricators, since the color, texture, and striations of glass lend themselves perfectly to fashioning feathers, fur, and the great outdoors.

We hope the pages ahead will bring a smile to your face. The GPQ staff has worked diligently to find thoughtful patterns for the winter months ahead. We have a variety of stained glass techniques for you to try from painting to copper foiling. A bevy of fused glass projects await as well.

Let me encourage you to try crossover techniques that you may not have used before. Stained glass artists, don’t be afraid to use your precision cutting skills to make awesome fused projects. Fusing artists, ramp up your projects and try painting on glass or adding dimension with custom molds and mixed mediums.

Keep in mind that the Glass Craft & Bead Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is coming up April 3–7,2019. This is a great time to brush up on new and interesting techniques. If you don’t want to travel, consider the GPQ Glass Expert Webinars™. This is a fantastic way to expand your techniques and interests, all from the comfort of your own home.

The staff at Glass Patterns Quarterly wish you a happy and prosperous 2019, worthy of endless smiles. We will continue to strive to partner with you in your glass endeavors.

Happy glassing,

Delynn Ellis

Managing Editor


                   Inspiring Fused Tray by Erica Biery Collins            200x271InspiringFusedTray                             


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