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Spring 2018 **Print**

Spring 2018 **Print**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
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From the Editor

A Time for Growth
by Delynn Ellis
Managing Editor Delynn Ellis reminds readers that Glass Patterns Quarterly has been bringing its readers quality tutorials for over 30 years. The publication, which continues to provide colorful pages in print copies, has also embraced new technology through digital copies, CDs, and Glass Expert Webinars™, GPQ’s Internet classes taught by renowned artists.

Round Magnolia Panel
Design, Demonstration, and Text by David Kennedy
Photography by Sharon Kennedy
A 15‑1/4" round stained glass panel featuring blooming magnolia branches. The glass is foiled, burnished, and placed inside a round jig, then soldered and framed with C- or U-channel lead came. Bead-soldering is added to both sides before applying patina to the seams. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

White Leaves
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Chantal Paré
A 14" x 34" stained glass panel featuring a design inspired by classic botanical forms and modern architecture. Interest is added to the panel by using a textured clear glass for the background. Using a wooden jig during construction helps to ensure squared corners. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Spring Birds
An Introduction to Using a Vinyl Pattern
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Laura Williams
A 14" x 17" stained glass design panel featuring birds gathered among the branches of a dogwood tree. The design provides a good opportunity to use up assorted colors of scrap glass. The benefits of using vinyl patterns are also discussed. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Spring Fairy
Design by Mary Harris, Text by Delynn Ellis
A 30" x 45" stained glass panel featuring a fairy seated on a flower. Originally created as a fused glass project, the stained glass version includes small pieces of glass that are best cut using a ring saw. Facial details are added with paint. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Spring Forth
Stamping Out Winter Blues
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Leslie Gibbs
Photography by Jon Gibbs
A set of fused glass designs that are decorated with mica powders and adhesive inks. The glass is cut to a size slightly larger than the stamps used to apply the designs, which are set by fusing them onto the glass. The glass pieces can either be slumped or remain flat.

Glass Sugar Eggs
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Susan McGarry
A 4" x 3‑1/2" Freeze ’N Fuse frit project replicating the candy-filled sugar eggs that are popular at Eastertime. Egg-shaped molds are filled with frit, frozen, then fused. The halves are joined with permanent craft adhesive and finished with ribbon or other decorative items. Suggested firing schedules are provided.

Flower Garden
Design by Paned Expressions Studios, Text by Darlene Welch
A 48" round stained glass panel featuring a flower garden in full bloom. This unique design shows the undersides of the flowers rather than their more brilliant tops. The flowers show their colors against garden foliage and a blue sky. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

New Mexico Hot air Balloons
Design by Aanraku Glass Studios, Text by Darlene Welch
First Rendering by Pamela White
A 30" x 41" stained glass panel featuring hot air balloons in flight. The balloons stand out against a landscape filled with various shades of green, white clouds, and blue sky. The balloon stripes offer an excellent way to use scrap glass. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Pot Melt Buddha
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Chris Guercio
A fused and slumped glass Buddha face for the garden. Pot melt instructions are included for making the main multicolored glass from pieces of scrap glass. The pot melt blank is then placed in a Buddha mold and slumped. Firing schedules and tips for making a display stand are included.

Forest Spring Cross
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Kelley Mc Hugh
A 6‑1/4" x 8-3/4" fused cross design including forest floor foliage, sky, and birch trees. The pretreated cross mold is filled with fine, medium, and coarse frits plus pieces of stringer to suggest the underfoliage, sky, and trees. A full fuse firing schedule is included for completing the project.

Mrs. LizArt
Design Fabrication, and Text by Petra Kaiser
A fused three-dimensional lizard sculpture. Eyes and nails are formed by rounding mosaic-size pieces of frit in the kiln. The lizard mold is carved out of Kaiser Lee Board and filled with green, yellow, and clear frit. To finish, the lizard is slumped to help it stand. Firing schedules are included.

What’s New
by Darlene Welch
Information on the latest in books and patterns plus new glass and tools for hot, warm, and cold glass artists and hobbyists. This is the perfect place to keep up with the innovations that will make working in glass easier and more enjoyable.

Art in Flight
Design by Alysa Phiel, Text and Photos by Jane McClarren
A fused free-form hummingbird cut from 96 COE sheet glass and decorated with 96 COE frit powders and a fine/ medium frit mix. The multicolored wings are built and fused separately from the body, then attached at an angle after fusing. A hanging hook can be added if desired. Firing schedules are included.

Fused Glass Fountain
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Lisa Vogt
A garden fountain made from two 16" clay pots decorated with fused dichroic scrap glass dots. Decorative dishes are constructed using pieces of multicolored dichroic coated glass that are fused and slumped into curved plates. Purchased fountain parts and the plates are assembled to complete the fountain. Firing schedules are provided.

Kiln Corner
Electrical Installation of a Kiln
by Arnold Howard
Answers to questions from readers on various aspects of the electrical requirements for installing a kiln. Included are pointers for installing electrical kiln shutoff boxes and using the correct wire gauge, plugs, and voltage for kilns.

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