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Fall 2003 **Print**

Fall 2003 **Print**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0073GPQFA03Print
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Tree of Life
Design by Deborah Aubin
A 9" x 9" free-form, family tree suncatcher. This unique, three-dimensional, stained glass sculpture provides glass crafters with a way to create a literal family tree with names and dates of family members etched or painted on the emerald-colored leaves of the tree. Birthstone colors for each person could also be selected for their individual leaves. The glass is wrapped with silver-backed copper foil, and a brass fishing rod allows the finished project to turn and be viewed from all sides.

Fall Leaves Mosaic Tray
Design by Lisa Vogt
A 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" decorative beginner mosaic tray done in vibrant fall shades of yellow, orange, and red and set in a wood frame. These fan-shaped leaves are formed by joining crescents together to make the whole leaf. Selective cutting of the opal glass used in this project enhances the appearance of the finished product.

Cabinet Door
Design by Denny Berkery
A 10 5/8" x 24 1/4" panel insert for cabinet doors featuring a pewter cast accent of the Green Man, a mythological personification of the forests and woodlands. Setting off this central figure is elegant, green, violin-shaped scroll work decorated with blue and red accent pieces. This project is constructed using lead techniques. The pattern in this issue can be enlarged or a full-sized pattern #123 may be purchased from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Design by Pat Chase
A 10" x 16" free-form panel with an angel in a flowing cobalt blue robe accented with a powder blue belt. She hovers with wings spread, arms outstretched, and face turned upward. The simple design makes for uncomplicated assembly. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique and reinforced with lead U-channel.

Winter Welcome Lantern
Design by Karen Stephenson
An 8" x 13" free-form holiday panel with Victorian-style lantern. Sprays of vivid green holly leaves and white berries are tied up in a cherry-red bow and stand out against the brown of the lantern with its white candle and golden, glowing flame. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Holiday Platter
Design by Norm and Ruth Dobbins
A 19" x 14" purchased oval platter etched with poinsettia, glowing candles, and pine sprays. The tray is etched from the back so that it can be used as a serving tray, but it also makes a striking holiday decoration. The design can be etched using a blasting cabinet or etching cream. Creation of the pine needles in the resist is greatly simplified with the use of parallel line cutters.

News and New Products
by Darlene Welch

Painted Lady Candle Shelter
Design by Karen Stephenson
A 10" x 12" free-form, candle cozy depicting a colorful Victorian mansion. Some fairly small cuts are required, and interest is added through the use of wire and foil overlay and paint detailing. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Brilliant Bunch
Design by Carolyn Kershaw
A 6" x 6" free-form, pansy-covered suncatcher done in a light blue with accents of blue-purple surrounding jaunty yellow centers. Bright green leaves set off the appealing flowers. The colors of this piece can easily be altered to match any décor or season. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique, and copper wire is used to reinforce the outer edge.

16-Page Pullout Pattern Section

What's HOT
by Darlene Welch

Design by Lucinda Doran, Brian McMillan, and Matthew McMillan
An 8" x 15" reverse hanging lamp with geometric design resembling stones lying in a creek bed. Geometric shapes form the rest of the lamp beneath these stone shapes of green, red, gold, and blue. The use of Stipple glass adds interest to the piece as light is shining through it. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique with black-backed foil. It can also be mounted in the opposite direction as a regular hanging lamp.

Design by Darlene Johnson and Judy Lee
Instructions for making 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" fused snowflakes with white and clear noodles. In the center is suspended a crystal teardrop for added appeal and sparkle. These snowflakes could be perfect as suncatchers, Christmas tree ornaments, or gifts for friends and family.

Christmas Ornaments
Design by Larry Cimaglio
Instructions by Marcie Davis for creating handblown, molded Christmas ornaments using Glaskolben™, which are precut lengths of clear glass cylinders, and colored frits. Also included is a brief history of handcrafted, molded ornaments and information on a source for those wishing to hand-silver ornaments.

Holly Candleholder
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 6" x 7" six-sided candleholder. The pastel green background of the hexagonal cylinder is encircled with springs of bright green holly branches and bright red berries. Some leaves peek above the top of the candleholder on two opposite sides. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Books and Patterns
by Darlene Welch

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