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Spring 2010 **Print**

Spring 2010 **Print**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
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Letter from the Editor
by Maureen James
Celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary year for Glass Patterns Quarterly. Editor Maureen James shares the inspiration that lead to the creation of the magazine and the features that make it unique in the glass art industry.

All Dolled Up
Design by Leslie Gibbs
An 11-1/2\" x 9\" stained glass panel decorated with painted and fused dichroic glass. Details for the flowers that are featured in the bottom corners of the panel border are created by fusing the disks, which have been decorated with frit. The cherry blossoms fan is cut from dichroic glass, and hobby enamels are used to paint the details of the doll’s face. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Feather Your Nest
Design by Karen Stephenson
A stained glass floral still life panel that features large rose-colored blossoms and a bird’s nest with three delicate eggs nestled inside. The border includes four square jewels for added sparkle. Realism is added to the design through the use of paint and copper wire. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique and can be enlarged to the desired size.

Tessuto Vetro Tapestry Mirror

Design by Laurel Skye
A mirror with mosaic frame created with tile, glass, and millefiori. Since the free-form design will hang on the wall, it does not require any grouting, which allows the texture of the tesserae to stand out. Wire-wrapped copper rod is used to complete the design and provide a finish border around the inside of the frame next to the mirror. The size of the design can be adjusted by selecting different sizes of framed mirrors.

How to Get Started in Etching Glass—Abrasive Blasting
by Ruth Dobbins
A look at the equipment and basic techniques required for etching glass. Many different types of glass etching are described, with a special emphasis given to abrasive etching. The importance of matching the various pieces of equipment required plus the importance of matching the equipment to each particular job is also covered.

O’Keefe’s Big Flowers—An Introduction to Glass Painting
Design by Jacqui Bush
A 4" x 6" Georgia O’Keefe–style floral glass painting. This beginner project introduces glass hobbyists to inexpensive ways to paint on glass in the style of the large florals of painter Georgia O’Keefe and includes basic glass painting techniques. The background on the artist and her work is also covered. This project is particularly useful for exposing public school art students to painting on glass.

Victorian Panel—Using Bevel Cluster Designs with Flat Glass
Design by Randolph Raum
A geometric Victorian stained glass panel created using bevel cluster designs. The bevel designs are featured in the center portion of the panel and the piece is finished with the addition of fleurs-de-lis corner patterns and a straight-edge border. Detailing is added using copper wire. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Blue Dragons
Design by Leslie Gibbs
An 8" layered dragonfly panel decorated with jewels. Swirls of blues and greens for the water, which is contained within a border of blues and browns, add realism to the piece. The dragonflies are then created separately and soldered onto the base to give a three-dimensional effect. The panel is completed with the addition of five beveled jewels for added sparkle. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Little Things—Art Glass Add-Ons
by Cathy Claycomb
Techniques for adding finishing touches to stained glass projects. Suggestions are included for camouflaging joints, adding fused elements for surface decoration, using beads for creating stamens or touches of whimsy, and adding dimension to projects by rethinking proportions.

Synchronized Flight
Design by Holly Stedman
A set of 19-1/2" x 19-1/4" stained glass and 24\" x 24\" beveled butterfly panels. The Monarch Mandala panel is created using colored glass for the butterflies, clear seedy for the background, and Red/White Wispy for the border. The Beveled Butterflies are set in a contrasting color scheme with clear beveled butterflies and a black iridized background. The panels are reminiscent of quilt square designs. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Glass Clay—Adding Dimension to Fused Art
Design by Barry Kaiser
Instructions for making glass clay and using it to add details to fused glass art. An ingredients list and the proper proportions for the ingredients plus mixing techniques are included. Suggestions are also offered for various ways to add details to the clay pieces including the use of cookie cutters, cold working techniques, and the addition of texture with stamps. The clay can also be used as a replacement for the “freeze and fuse” technique.

Leaf Plate—Using a Sand Mold with Recycled Window Glass and Enamels
Design by Richard La Londe
Instructions for making a fusing mold from a sand and powdered clay mixture for use with recycled window glass. The mold is made by mixing the sand/clay mixture with water and shaping with hands and others implements such as metal spoons. Details are worked into the mold using sewing needles and various diameters of wire. Step-by-step directions for determining the tin side of recycled glass, using the glass to form the plate, and decorating the plate with enamels is also included.

The Kiln Corner
by Arnold Howard
Questions and answers covering the proper loading of a glass kiln. Topics include the best arrangement for using kiln posts when firing projects, the importance of using kiln shelves, and determining when glass has been fused properly.

Capturing Nature in Stained Glass

Designs by Terra Parma
A 16" x 20" floral-and-bird panel plus a resizable fishing panel, both done in stained glass. The designs were taken from two books by Terra Parma, Classic Images and Potpourri in Glass. Careful glass selection helps to add texture, depth, and realism to the pieces. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

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