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Fall 1988 **CD**

Fall 1988 **CD**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0115GPQFA88CD
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CD Version (non-refundable unless defective) Print Back Issue Sold Out-Digital Version Also available for download

Letter from the Editor

Glass Update

Video Review
How to Make a Copper Foil Lamp with Charles Knapp
Tape 1, Surface Etching Techniques with Norm Dobbins

Book Reviews
Bright Ideas Encore! Published by Donna Schulze and Suzanne Cooper
Studio Sandblasting published by Alladins
Christmas Criters published by Valee Studios
Enchanted Creations by Fused Fantasies published by Darlene Johnson and Judy Lee

Guest Designer Interview with Mari Stanish

Oriental Lotus Lamp
Design by Mari Stanish
A 21" cone-shaped geometric and floral lamp shade with background of soft bone opal. The bottom border is composed of pink and yellow lotus blossoms with teal leaves. This project is constructed with copper foil.

A Swiss Timepiece
Design by Mark Waterbury
An 8-1/2"x 21-1/2" rectangular landscape panel clock with blue and green mountain scene. This project is constructed with copper foil and uses a 5" Bezel Clock Face from Clarity.

Ferns and Luna Moths
Design by Mark Waterbury
A dome-shaped plant lamp shade with large green fern fronds hanging from the top of the shade and large pale green luna moths around the bottom. This project is constructed with copper foil using Worden's L-18 Lamp Shade Molds and Blank Magic Strips™.

Decorating for Christmas
Design by Randy DeMello
A bright red freeform cardinal suncatcher with three-dimensional wings. This bird can be attached to a small wreath or used as a Christmas decoration. The project is constructed with copper foil.

Holly Berry How-To
A 1-1/2"x 1-1/4" round wreath made of holly leaves and berries. A project good for beginners that can be used as a Christmas ornament or suncatcher. This piece is constructed with copper foil.

Special Christmas Section
Design by Mark Waterbury
Extra patterns offered on the pattern sheet for a 3-1/4"x 6-3/4" freeform candy cane with bow, a 3"x 6-1/2" freeform lollipop with bow, or a 5-3/4"x 7" round freeform poinsettia. Projects can be used as suncatchers or ornaments.

Quickest Ornaments Ever
A quick and easy Christmas ornament made with Mika's brass filigree and glass scraps. Other gift ideas offered include 11"x 8" box tops for Clarity Glass Design and McNeil Woodworks boxes with a mushroom scene or butterflies. Clarity's Aeroscope kit is actually a kaleidoscope but is constructed to look like a biplane. A photo essay how-to is included in the issue for the construction of the Aeroscope and the butterfly box top.

Partridge and a Pear Tree
Design by Shana-Elaine Brewer
A 10" round bird panel with brown partridge sitting atop a cluster of blue-green leaves and two pears. Design is bordered by an oval ring of amber. This project is constructed with Lead came.

Glass Framed Jewelry
Design by Carmen Reynolds
Pieces of fused round jewelry of peacock blue, patterned blue and ivory, and Gillefiori Pattern Slices. Tips are offered for firing the pieces. Project perfect for gifts or making jewelry to sell.

Grape Expectations for Cabinet Door Inserts
Design by Mark Waterbury
Rectangular 10"x 31" cabinet door insert panels with large cluster of purple grapes, green leaves, and brown vines on a background of gray-white opal mix. Project is constructed with lead or zinc H-channel came and copper foil.

Painting Your Family Crest
Design by Frieda Wirick
Instruction for creating a rectangular panel with a painted family crest design. Project is fired for permanence. Good for a beginner project.