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Winter 1994 **CD**

Winter 1994 **CD**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0140GPQWI94CD
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CD Version (non-refundable unless defective)

Holly Shade
Design by Mark Waterbury A 16" dome-shaped floral lamp shade constructed with copper foil. It features bright and cheery holly leaves and berries on a background of champagne opal rectangles and strips. Built with Worden's Lamp GF16-0 Lamp Designing Grid.

Book Reviews

Distinctive Vases published by Walrus Publications
Professional Pals published by Hixson Studios
Stained Glass Photo Frames published by Cliffside Studios
This Business of Glass: A Complete Guide for Artists, Craftspeople, and Retailers published by The Glass Press

Glass Update

Leo and Lucky

Design by Mark Waterbury
A 14-1/4"x 16" freeform animal panel with a tawny lion's head watching the blue butterfly lighted on his nose. This project is constructed with copper foil, but lead came could also be used.

Play Ball!
Design by Randy DeMello
An 8-3/8"x 12-7/8" rectangular animal panel with a brown bear all dressed up in his baseball uniform leaning against the project border and holding his bat, ball, and glove. A brown glass nugget makes his eye come to life. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Design by Mark Waterbury
A 28"x 34" rectangular bird panel with five mallards flying over blue waves. This project is constructed with copper foil. Pattern in back issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #46 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Upcoming Events

Basket Weave Mirror and Box Top
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 12"x 17" basket weave mirror and 7-3/8"x 4" basket weave box top constructed with copper foil and lead came in amber, yellow, and white.

Design by Mark Waterbury
A 30"x 12" round and swag garland constructed with lead and copper foil. It is fashioned from ropes of dark green highlighted with small bouquets of flowers. The garland is applied to a background of white/purple/amber strips to form a rectangular shape.


Design by Mark Waterbury
A 6-1/2"x 15-1/4" freeform thermometer constructed with copper foil covered with icicles, snowflakes, thunderbolts, and fair skies, and topped with the sun sporting his shades for a bright day.

Patchwork Patterns™
Design by Marianne Warner
A set of thirty-two different 8-5/8" square quilt blocks available in kits that each contain two patterns and two, one-piece brass frames.

Painted Bird
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 15" round painted bird and landscape panel. It features a gray bird perched on a hanging tree branch against a blue sky filled with clouds. Pattern is transferred using Saral® Transfer Paper.

Floral Box Tops
Design by Norm Dobbins and Debra Oxley
Two round floral etched box tops designed for use with Clarity Glass Design's 5" and 7-1/2" hand-turned round boxes. The dogwood as well as the flower spray is sandblasted.

Melt Your Valentine's Heart
Design by Darlene Johnson and Judy Lee
A 3-3/8"x 4-5/8 ", 3-1/4"x 4-1/4", and 3-1/4"x 4-1/2" fused heart trio that look like candy hearts. One sports lace trim, one is reminiscent of patchwork, and one has a stripe of white and gold. All are a perfect gift for your Valentine.

Fan Pulls
Design by Linda L. Thompson
A set of 2-1/2"x 3" geometric decorative fan pulls constructed with copper foil. The few cuts required make them a tempting project for new hobbyists.

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