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Spring 1999 **CD**

Spring 1999 **CD**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0157GPQSP99CD
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CD Version (non-refundable unless defective)

Country Classic—Detailing a Lamp Shade with Glass Paints
Design by Mark Waterbury
A geometric, angled-dome, lamp shade constructed with copper foil and produced in greens, opals, and ambers. Oval accent panels that are stenciled, hand-painted, and fired add rich detail to this shade.

Like the Wind—Making a Stained Glass Weather Vane
Design by Lois Loewen
A 15"x 9-3/4" sandy-brown horse that gallops along atop this freeform weathervane, which can actually work or be purely decorative. The brass pipe weathervane stand used to complete this project is from a kit that includes the directional letters and pointer. The project is constructed with copper foil.

Nouveau Flower—Working with Copper Constructed with Copper Foil Overlay
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 20 x 28" panel with the contemporary look of nouveau art flowers of yellow against a dark background of clear black streakies. This project is constructed with copper foil; however, lead came could also be used. Pattern in back issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #84 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Book Reviews

GlasDesigns' Signs of the Zodiac published by Volkmann & Volkmann
Animal Kingdom published by Carolyn Kyle and Leslie Gibbs
Plum Gully Presents Lamps published by Ann Madsen
3-D Birds and Butterflies published by Diamond Tech International

Multiflora Begonia—Victorian Garden Bouquet in Glass
Design by Dione Roberts
A 14-1/8"x 13-1/2" panel constructed with copper foil showing white windowpane checks behind a bouquet of yellow flowers and sage-green leaves tied up in lavender ribbon. Reminiscent of the Victorian era, this panel can be made more realistic by carefully considering the grain direction of the glass when laying out the pattern.

Quick Wedding Gifts—Fused Clear and Gold Coasters
Design by Darlene Johnson and Judy Lee
A very textured Uroboros iridescent glass is used to create clear square coasters with gold accents. These coasters are made by fusing and molding the glass. Instructions for completion of this project are provided in the article. No pattern is required.

Sunny Bunnies!
Design by Eva and Volker Volkmann
A 6-1/4"x 10" suncatcher with two bunnies out for a spring fling. Over them perches a waving daffodil on a green stem. The project is constructed with copper foil, and amber glass nuggets with painted details add sparkle to these bunnies’ eyes.

Blue Chip Glue Chip—Learn to Glue Chip Glass
Design by Norm Dobbins
A 9" x 6" box top created by glue chipping clear glass shows a mockingbird perched on a well-leaved branch. The Etch Master™ Glue Chipping kit used for this project is a good choice for a beginning glue chip artist. It contains precut stencils prepared for glue chipping, necessary tools, and instructions for sandblasting etched designs.

News and New Products

Revel in Bevels—Making an Octagonal Panel with Bevel Accents
Design by Natalee S. Morse
A 19-1/2"x 19-1/2" octagonal clear panel, using clear seedy for the background and Carolina glue chip for the border. Square bevels set on point add sparkle to this project. It was constructed with black-backed copper foil, but lead came could also be used.

Crazy for Quilts—Patchwork Suncatchers Made from Scraps
Design by Marianne Warner
Make these 5-1/8" square patchwork suncatchers from scraps of glass, and add interest with purchased bevels and jewels. These are great for beginners and make wonderful gifts. This project is constructed with copper foil, but lead came could also be used.

Morning Feeding—Mixing Metal and Glass

Design by Richard Hanley
These 4-3/4"x 8-3/4" freestanding freeform suncatchers constructed with copper foil bring bird watching into the home by depicting a feeding hummingbird. The use of a 3-D kit, which includes a soldering mold, helps to create a rounded bead on the outside of the glass. Most of the glass pieces are large and easy to cut.

Iris Stepping Stone—Mosaic Project for Beginners
Design by Geneva Perkins
A 12" mosaic stepping stone featuring a 5-1/2"x 6" purple iris design centered in the stone and surrounded by MosaicArt™ glass chips in purple, pink, and yellow. Using MosaicArt™ precut stained glass packs makes constructing this project easy, since there is no cutting required.

Chameleon Wind Chime—Painting and Firing a Glass Plate
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 11-3/4" circle capturing a chameleon sharing a branch with an inchworm that is about to get a big surprise. The colors are brought to life by multiple kiln firings of the paint used on this project.

Lily Pond Mosaic Bench—Making Fine Furniture for the Garden
Design by Pat Aberg
A 37-1/2"x 14-3/4" floral mosaic bench top portraying a lily pond scene complete with dragonflies, a frog, and water lilies. This project will present an achievable challenge to art glass newcomers. Reduced pattern on pattern sheet can be enlarged.