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Summer 2009 **CD**

Summer 2009 **CD**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0198GPQSU09CD
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CD Version (non-refundable unless defective)

Letter from the Editor
by Maureen James
The Glass Craft & Bead Expo, held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada, creates a lot of enthusiasm among attendees, all of whom were thrilled this year to witness the first International Hot Glass Invitational flame-off.

Funky Wind Chime

Design by Carol Giffin, April Gnatzig, and Margaret Kailhofer
A 9" round, free-form geometric design created with glass gems and bent came. This beginner project requires no glass cutting or grinding and is created with the use of a wind chime kit. The glass nuggets are finished by wrapping them in lead U-came.

The Care and Feeding of Your Glass Club
by Holly Stedman
Suggestions for organizing and promoting a successful glass art network. Glass clubs are designed to help their members share their tips and techniques with each other and work together to promote glass art in their communities. A list of things that potential members can do to get a glass club up and running are provided.

Nessie’s Plates, Too—Fused Geometric Treasures

Design by Dinah Ihle
A 16" x 16" fused dinnerware piece. This plate is made by cutting a glass base to support strips of regular and iridescent double-rolled glass. Black trim pieces are also used to set off the divisions of color in the plate. The pieces are then fused, the edges are smoothed on a lap grinder, and the dish is slumped to finish.

The Techniques and Secrets of Beautiful Glass Painting—Lettering
Design by David Williams and Stephen Byrne
Techniques for creating lettering on painted glass panels. The importance of bringing artwork to life when copying letters and designs is discussed, as well as tips for transferring patterns to painted glass panels using chalk outlines. The designs are finished by removing the unwanted areas of paint.

Sweet Blossom
Design by Carol Giffin
A 4 3/4" fused and slumped hummingbird feeder head. A glass circle is decorated with frit before placing it in the slumping mold to make this fluted dish that is hung on its side. Purchased hummingbird feeder parts and the reservoir for the nectar solution—a decorative bottle that is attached to the feeder with coils of copper wire—are required for completing the feeder.

Gerber Daisy Basket
Design by Lisa Vogt
A 16 1/4" x 19 1/4" free-form stained glass floral panel. Careful selection of glass colors and textures are important for adding realism to the blossoms, leaves, and stems, as well as creating a textured look in the basket. The color combinations for this flower are varied and make it a good choice for matching just about any decor scheme. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

Casting Boxes with Frit and Reusable Molds
Design by Lawrence Jacobsen
A set of 4" x 5" rectangular and 6" x 3" oval cast-glass boxes. The rectangular box is created by filling reusable Colour de Verre molds with homemade frit made from Winter Collage sheet glass as well as purchased fine white and coarse clear frit. The oval box is created by using of an elliptical box mold plus an oak-leaves-and-acorn mold. The pieces are then cast and finally fused in the kiln.

Bridging the Past with the Present

Design by Deb Bowen
An 18" stained glass lampshade with Oriental poppy floral design created with the use of an Odyssey mold. This advanced project includes tips for preparing the pattern, selecting the glass, and making the best use of the mold. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

A Paradigm of Glass Patterns—Stained Glass Designs of the Seventeenth Century
Design by Kent Lauer
A 22" x 34" geometric stained glass and bevel panel. The design was suggested in the reprint of a book of patterns dating back to the mid 1800s and updated with the addition of bevels to enhance the design elements. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Morton Tapestry Panel
Design by Diann Reina
A 17 1/2 x 10" rectangular panel with free-form interior made of stained glass, jewels, nuggets, and twisted copper wire. Tips are included for the best ways to select and cut the glass, prepare the nuggets, lay out the design, and create the twisted copper wire that is used to finish the design. Decorative soldering is added, and silver-backed copper foil is used for wrapping the glass pieces. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Flamenco Fire
Design by Leslie Gibbs
A 12" x 20" stained glass panel accented with glass pebbles. The female Spanish dancer twirls in the midst of her swirling dress, shawl, and background. Realism is added to the panel through the use of accent pieces made of iridescent glass and by adding facial details and gold to the earring hoops with the use of hobby enamel paint. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

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