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Winter 2001 **DIGITAL**

Winter 2001 **DIGITAL**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0241GPQWI01DIG
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Digital Version for Download--Print Version and CD Version also available

Fine Lines—Making a Lamp with Two Patterns that Repeat and Its Companion Box
by Mark Waterbury
A 16" cone lamp shade with blue-gray background and flowing geometric border made of two repeating patterns. Worden's Full Form™ and Lamp Designing Grid aid in the design . The border pattern, which is composed of straight and curved lines and is done in shades of green, mossy brown, amber, and violet, appears again on the lamp's matching 8" x 4" x 1-3/4" box. Both are constructed using the copper foil technique.

Good for the Spirit—Adding Details to an Angel Panel
by Karen Stephenson
A 12" x 16" freestanding angel panel with flowing gown in shades of mauve, pink, purple, and opal and graceful, curved wings of purple/opal/crystal iridescent. Adding details through the use of copper wire brings the angel to life. This project is constructed using the copper foil technique.

Cardinals in Winter—Making Precise Glass Cuts

by Leslie Gibbs
A 12" round panel displaying a bright red cardinal and his cheery mate perched on a snowcapped fence. Holly leaves and berries against a lavender sky lend the finishing touches to this winter scene, which is constructed using the copper foil technique. A ring saw is useful to make the intricate inside cuts required for this project.

Geisha Girl
by Hiroyuki Kohayashi and Jeffrey Castaline
A 20-5/8" x 30-3/8" rectangular panel showing a serene geisha in her kimono of rose, blue, and white. She stands outside in front of a window where musicians inside are seen in silhouette, which can be created by using different shades of glass or by applying the glass pieces behind the scene. This project is constructed using the copper foil technique. The pattern in the issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #109 may be purchased from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Sentry—Using Flashed Glass in a Patriotic Panel
by Leslie Gibbs
A 15-1/4" x 9-1/4" rectangular panel of Old Glory intermingled with the head of an American eagle. The flag's stars can be fused, painted, or sandblasted on flashed glass. The eye of the eagle can also be painted or fused for a fiery, determined gleam. This patriotic project is constructed using the copper foil technique.

Patriotic Pins—Home Is Where the Heart Is
by Lisa Vogt
A set of free-form patriotic pins in red, white, and blue with heart, star, and flag motifs. These quick but impressive projects are made using Spectrum 96 fusible glass and noodles. Tips are offered for working on extra-small projects such as these.

Woodland Berries
by Margot A. Clark
A 10" round, etched plate decorated with a graceful spray of with oak leaves and berries that are painted in luscious fall reds, oranges, ambers, and yellows. A painted geometric border completes the plate. Lots of tips are offered for perfecting the art of using and firing glass paints.

Mosaic Wall Hanging—Beginner Project
by Mark Waterbury
Three 12" square amber, green, and opal mosaic beginner panels created with the help of Diamond Tech International's Square Stepping-Stone Form and DiamondCrete™. The mirror-image design is an elegant Victorian geometric motif that has endless color possibilities.

Art Glass Meets the Mouse
by Kim Blagg
A review of the latest glass-related software to help glass crafters find, alter, or create their own stained glass patterns. Included in this review are "Glass Eye 2000" from Dragon Software, "Beginnings" from The Oak Tree Stained Glass Studio, and "Pattern Wizard" and "Rapid Resizer" from Patrick Roberts Software.

All Aboard—Getting Extra Detail Without Cutting Extra Glass

by Mark Waterbury
An 18" x 24" rectangular panel of an old-time steam locomotive barreling through the countryside with a hearty cloud of steam rising from its impressive smoke stack. The train, track, and landscape have loads of detail added through the use of wire overlay and glass paint. Artist wax builds up the cowcatcher to give it a 3D effect. This project is constructed using the copper foil technique. The pattern in the issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #108 may be purchased from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Display Case
by Dave Burnett
An 8" x 12" x 4" box for displaying your treasures built with the use of square bevels, a mirror, and clear glass. This display case has clean lines and an elegant design, and keeping it square during assembly is made easier with Morton's Blocking System. This project is constructed using the copper foil technique.

Glass Chat with Mark and Dave

Questions and answers to help with cutting mirrored glass and creating stained glass mobiles.

News and New Products

by Darlene Welch
Be informed about the latest in new products and events in the world of art glass.

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