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Summer 1999 **DIGITAL**

Summer 1999 **DIGITAL**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0251GPQSU99DIG
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Digital Version for Download--Print Version and CD Version also available

Gloriously Gothic—Making an Heirloom Lamp Shade with a Timeless Design
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 16" dome-shaped lamp shade constructed with copper foil built using Worden’s Lamp Designing Grid. Inverted dark brown/green/opal fleurs-de-lis, arches, and slender supports form top and bottom borders that stand against a background of pastel green cast opal.

And the Tortoise Takes the Lead—Adding Three-Dimensional Elements to Your Project
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 20"x 28" panel landscape that includes the tortoise and hair from fairytale land racing to the finish. Fluffy clouds and a vibrant blue sky float above grassy knolls and a sandy path, while yellow flowers wave in the breeze on long, slender, leafy stems. This project is constructed with copper foil, but lead came could also be used. Pattern in back issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #85 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Calla Lily—Using Your Background Glass Effectively
Design by LaNaya Carpenter
A 16"x 18" diamond-shaped panel with three white calla lilies and intertwining stalks surrounded by rectangles forming a border of dark green and yellow. The flowers are set against a background of clear/leaf green/yellow fracture glass. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Mmm…Mmm…Lemonade—Building Accents with Glass and Wire Overlay
Design by Dione Roberts
A 12-1/4"x 15-1/4" rectangular panel that ushers in summer with a big pitcher of iced lemonade next to an iced-filed glass and two large uncut lemons. Lemon wedges float in the pitcher. The design breaks out against an ivory border and blue background. The large pieces in this project make it easier for beginning class cutters to accomplish. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Gifts for All Occasions—Fused Clear and Gold Bowl
Design by Darlene Johnson and Judy Lee
An easy-to-make fused and slumped clear glass bowl made from mosaic glass frit and medium clear frit. The size of the mold that the bowl is slumped into determines its size. Instructions for the construction of this project are given in this article. No pattern is required for this project.

Beginner Iris

Design by Mark Waterbury
An 8"x 16-7/8" rectangular panel with large iris, stem, and leaves springing from one corner of green earth and highlighted against a pale blue sky and light border. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Otter Pandemonium—Adding Detail with Glass Adhesives
Design by Leslie Gibbs
A 10-1/4"x 12-7/8" rectangular panel filled with frolicking otters swimming through waves created through the use of four different textures of glass. Bubbles appear through the magic of clear glass nuggets.

Elegance Shade—Building a Stained Glass Ceiling Light
Design by Linda Holmes A flat-dome, geometric ceiling shade in blue violet, and blue/pink opal. The shade’s darker border highlights the lighter central portion. No special mold is required, and its simplicity makes it a good project for artists new to making lamps.

Concentration—Using a Band Saw in Glass Projects

Design by Paned Expressions Studios
A panel spotlighting the curiosity of two Siamese cats seen from the back, their dark ears perked up and their tails curling onto the dark outer border. The use of a band saw helps to cut the smaller, more intricate pieces of this project, which is constructed with copper foil. The pattern is enlargeable, or a full-size pattern can be found in Band Saw Challenge I from Diamond Tech International.

Shell Plate Special—Painting a Scene on Glass
Design by Brian Crabb
An 11", shell-shaped plate featuring a painted scene of sea shells and a sandy beach standing against a fair sky. The plate is formed by molding and slumping iridized glass cut to the pattern.

Beneath the Breakers—Creating an Underseascape with Sandcarved Glass

Design by David McLary
An 18"x 22" panel created on clear glass with the use of stencils. The sandcarved details bring brain coral, anemones, a moray eel, a porpoise, schools of fish, and the ocean floor to vivid life. Pattern in back issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #86 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly order.

Swing Set—Adding Detail with Paint
Design by Strohm's Stained Glass
A suncatcher kit showing a green parrot with wings a-flap perched on a golden swing. Details on the bird’s body can be added through the use of paint.

Step into design—Mosaic Project for Beginners

Design by Dennis Casey
An enlargeable pattern featuring geometric simplicity in a mosaic stepping stone of ivory, light green, and dark green/orange wispy. Based on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, this stepping stone can be made with less-than-perfect cuts, which makes it a good beginner project.