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Winter 1998 **DIGITAL**

Winter 1998 **DIGITAL**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0251GPQWI98DIG
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Digital Version for Download--Print Version and CD Version also available

Simplicity—Tracing a Pattern onto a Lamp Mold
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 16" cone-shaped lamp shade constructed with copper foil and formed from strips of sand colored glass. The shade is set off with top and bottom borders of light brown/dark brown/sky blue. A geometric flourish reminiscent of ocean waves completes this shade.

Weather Report—Suggesting Textures in Glass
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 28" x 44" landscape panel showing a rooster weathervane atop a weathered wood cupola and slate roof. Two doves are ready to light and join their fair weather friend. Treetops and fields can be seen on the ground below. This project is constructed with copper foil, but lead came could also be used. The pattern can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #82 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly

Shining Light—Field Flower Candle Ring
Design by Ken Bird
A 2-1/2"x 5" tall candle ring with green stalks topped with sprays of leaves showing the influence of Tiffany’s nature motifs. The project is formed around a length of PVC pipe. There are numerous pieces, but they are easy to cut with no difficult curves. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Reflections—Making a Mosaic Mirror

Design by Alex Spatz
A 15" round geometric mosaic in blue surrounding a rectangular mirror. A good beginner project with large pieces and cuts that are not difficult. The project is mosaic constructed, but it could also be constructed with lead came or copper foil.

Victorian Bevel—Beveled Glue Chip Panel
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 20"x 28" geometric panel built with black-back copper foil and lead H-channel. The project mixes light purple Artique with a sea foam textured background and a clear cord border. Bevels and jewels add richness and a three-dimensional effect to this project. The pattern can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #81 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Headed South for the Winter—Sandblasted Etching
Design by Lori Corbat Appledoorn
An 11-1/4" round, clear glass, marsh scene that is freestanding in a wooden base. This landscape features cattails peeking out of tranquil water with ducks flying overhead and a cloud floating by. The project makes a good introduction to the art of sandblasting.

Sea Turtle—Adding Details with Paint

Design by Mark Waterbury
A 6"x 9" rectangular panel constructed with copper foil showing a green sea turtle making his way across the sandy beach to the ocean waves. This reptile panel has added texture through multi layers of paint that are fired in between coats.

Bonsai—Painting for Realism in Glass

Design by Paula Kinman
A 15"x 24" rectangular panel constructed with brass came showing a flowering bonsai tree in a blue container surrounded by a border of seedy and English Muffle. The intricate floral design is drawn with gold ink and painted with lead free paints.

Nature Etched in Glass—Etched Ensemble

Design by Maureen James and Nature
This project uses Nature's designs by scanning actual leaves into a computer and printing them at a reduced size that will fit on whatever container you choose. These patterns are used to etch a design. Use of Rapid Mask™ aids in the etching process.

First Light—Making a Glass Rooster from a Kit

Design by Jeff Littlejohn and Gary Strohm
Freestanding, three-dimensional crowing roosters constructed from kits. These freeform birds show fluttering wings of glass constructed with copper foil. Careful selection of glass creates texturing on the wings and tail.

News and New Products

Wildflower—Using Copper Foil Overlay for Details
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 12"x 16" oval floral panel with large purple wildflowers and green leaves set against a white background. This project is constructed with copper foil, and copper foil overlay is used to add details to this simple but elegant piece.

Dancing colors—Creating a 3-D Glass Whirl Pattern

Design by Deborah Aubin
A 7-1/2"x 7-3/4" three-dimensional suncatcher with violet and yellow Waterglass® and iridescent clear granite flowers surrounded by rings of pale blue Waterglass.

Thousands of Flowers—A Fused Glass Heart Pendant
Design by Darlene Johnson and Judy Lee
A 1-7/8"x 1-5/8" heart pendant made of Moretti Millefiore and Moretti sheet glass. A border of red and white flowers surrounds the red center. This project makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day or for your favorite Valentine.

Blooming in Stone—Assembling Kwik Kit Stepping Stones

Design by Studio One Kwik Kit™
A hexagonal geometric mosaic stepping stone in blue with an interior floral design of red. The kit from which this project is constructed contains pattern and precut glass. Antique white DiamondCRETE™ pulls it all together. An optional border adds more depth of color and design.