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Spring 2011 **CD**

Spring 2011 **CD**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
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CD Version (non-refundable unless defective)

Letter from the Editor

Presenting an Opportunity for You to Shine


by Maureen James

Glass Patterns Quarterly provides an opportunity for its readers to shine when they submit their glass art to be considered for the magazine’s gallery pages. By allowing GPQ to feature their work and by submitting tutorials, glass artists and hobbyists can share what is working for them with others. Submission guidelines and a submission form are available on the GPQ website at the “Submit Content” link.

Gallery of Glass

Showcasing the Designs of Twelve Outstanding Glass Artists and Hobbyists

The Glass Patterns Quarterly Spring 2011 Gallery showcases the work of twelve artists with eleven stunning examples of everything from panels to pendants in stained, fused, and flameworked glass. The vast ideas and techniques available to glass artists are evident in this collection of beautiful and innovative pieces.

Gift Cross—An Introduction to Stained Glass

by Michael C. Thomas

A 4-1/6" x 7" simple, elegant free-form cross for beginning glass enthusiasts. The cross is fashioned from four pieces of glass made with simple, straight cuts. The cross can either be used as a wall hanging or set in an optional pyramid-shaped glass base. Suggestions are included for incorporating a cast Christ figure to complete the cross. A three-loop hanger is used to finish the top of the wall version. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Soldered Charms

Design by Genea Crivello-Knable

Creating 3/4" square charms from designs that are sandwiched between pieces of glass and finished with beaded, soldered edges. Any image or design can be used as decoration for the small square inserts. Instructions for tinning the soldering iron are included along with suggestions for adding a decorative touch to the solder used to seal the edges of the squares. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Spring in the City

Design by Saulius Jankauskas, M.D.

A 29" x 8" fused contemporary cityscape created with enamel paints and recycled float glass. Unique MUD is used to add texture and detail to the design, and long rectangular and square pieces of tempered glass are applied along the outlines of the buildings. The branches are created using copper wire, and Unique glass colors are added to both sides of the base glass for more depth and color variations in the design. The project is fired in the kiln to finish. Small parts of the design can be pulled out to create separate pieces.

Garden Butterfly Fused Glass Barrettes

Design by Tanya Veit

Sets of 3-3/4" x 7/8" decal-decorated glass barrettes made from dichroic scrap glass. Enamel decals are colored and used to decorate barrette blanks that are created with the dichroic scrap. The blanks are then cut to the desired size and slumped in the kiln using a mold. Once the decals are applied, they are air-dried for twenty-four hours, then placed in a conventional oven to set.

Morning Glory Fan

Design by Karen Stephenson

A 12" x 8" fan-shaped panel with free-form border that features a spray of vibrant blue morning glory blossoms. The variegated colors of the background work together to make the blue of the flowers even more vivid. Realism for the blossoms and leaves is achieved by carefully matching the grain of the glass to each pattern piece. Black patina provides the finishing touch to this inviting design. The project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Branch and Flower Metal Clay Hangers

Design by Geneva Perkins

Free-form, kiln-fired hangers fashioned from bronze metal clay that are perfect for holding and displaying glass artwork. Tips are included for mixing and working the clay, which shrinks as it dries, making the details that are worked into it stand out even more. Various tools can be used to add detail to the clay before it is fired in the kiln. This project is finished using patina and copper patina.

Night and Day Garden Stakes

Design by Cheryl Crane and Margaret Greene

An 8‑1/2" fused contemporary round garden stake insert created through the use of frit painting with a Frittin’ Around™ frit kit. The design is drawn with squirt glass, then filled in with various colors and grades of glass frit. A firing schedule is included for finishing the project in the kiln.

Rainy Day Kokeshi

Design by Leslie Gibbs

An 8‑3/4" x 11-1/2" stained glass panel featuring a delicate Japanese Kokeshi doll amid beautiful hydrangeas. The Grape Iridescent glass used for the sky gives the suggestion of sheets of rain falling around the doll. Careful selection of the blue Nautica glass used for her robe beautifully portrays the soft folds of the material. The hydrangea blossoms are created by painting them on pink and grape glass and firing them in the kiln. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Understanding the Structural Requirements of Stained Glass Windows

by Ron Bovard

Information regarding the various aspects of properly supporting a large stained glass panel. Comparisons are made between traditional round-bar reinforcing systems connected by copper tie wires and the newer flat reinforcing bars. Artistic and structural considerations are also discussed for determining where to place reinforcements in large stained glass panels.

Rosette Window Panel

Designs by Randolph Raum

Realizing the importance of combining the correct color values when planning window designs. Information is provided for the ways in which various colors work together to add more depth and appeal to stained glass rosette window designs. The use of color values to create the illusion of parts of a design “lifting off” the panel is also discussed.

News and New Products

Discover great new products from some of the top companies and manufacturers in the glass industry.

What’s Hot

The latest products to make your warm and hot glass experiences even better include the best in kilns, sculpting products, molding materials, new glasses, and instructional DVDs.

New Books and Patterns

The latest and best in pattern collections and instructional information is available from some of the top publishers in the glass industry.

The Kiln Corner—The Thermocouple

by Arnold Howard

Information for troubleshooting problems with glass kilns. In this installment, Arnold provides answers to reader questions regarding tips for testing thermocouples, making sure that a kiln is firing accurately, and properly installing thermocouples in glass kilns.

Faux Wrought Iron Entrances

Design by Jerry D. Preston and John Emery

New ways to use glass and paint to give large residential stained glass panels the appearance of wrought iron trim. Randy Wardell edits this excerpt from the book, Windows of Enduring Color by Jerry D. Preston and John Emery. Several examples are shown in which these artists from Preston Studios created custom work for clients using stained glass to imitate the look of wrought iron.

Stained Glass Supply Shops

This comprehensive list of stained glass retailers is a great resource for every glass enthusiast who is looking for the perfect glass, tools, and supplies.

Magnolias and Cardinals

Design by Lisa Vogt

A 16" x 20" stained glass panel featuring two cardinals resting amid blossom-filled magnolia branches. Design elements break free from the panel’s border adding interest to the scene. Careful color selections and attention to the grain of the glass add a realistic touch as well. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.