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Winter 1996 **DIGITAL**

Winter 1996 **DIGITAL**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
Product Code: 0273GPQWI96DIG
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Digital Version for Download--Print Version Sold Out--CD Version also available

Baby Seal
Design by Volker and Evamarie Volkmann
A 11-1/8"x 10-3/4" rectangular animal panel with white baby seal on blue ice admiring his reflection in the water below. This pattern would work well for mosaic style as well as construction with copper foil. Wire overlay provides admirable whiskers.

Slate Panel Shade
Design by Mark Waterbury A 13-3/4" trapezoid-shaped geometric panel lamp shade using scraps of glass that are covered with copper foil to create wide design lines.

Old Man Winter
Design by Mark Waterbury
An 18"x 24" rectangular portrait panel with the face of Old Man Winter shinning through clouds of white and mottled blue-greens. This project is constructed with copper foil, but lead came could also be used.

Windmill Silhouette
Design by Stanley Price
A 9"x 13" rectangular silhouette panel constructed with lead came. It features one large windmill and two smaller ones and their reflections in the water below. A border of tulips at the bottom of the panel completes this scene.

Book Reviews
A Stained Glass Journey published by the Original Red Back Press
Dragontears Accessories: Mosaic Ideas with Flair published by Glass Addicts
Stepping Stones published by Papillon Publications
Signs of the Times published by Valee Studios

Painted Peonies
Design by Unique Glass Colors An 8" round kiln-fired painted floral design that can be used on a box top or plate. It can be applied to clear glass, or the background can be filled in with color.

Video Review
The Glass Giraffe Presents: Professional Soldering Techniques for Stained Glass from Giraffe Enterprises

Rose Window
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 22" round geometric window panel reminiscent of the patterns formed in a kaleidoscope. Its strong white, red, green, blue, and purple add vibrancy to the panel. This project is constructed with copper foil, but lead came could also be used. Pattern in back issue can be enlarged, or full-size pattern #63 is available from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Cross & Lily
Design by Debra VanTol
A 7-1/2"x 12-1/2" freeform floral and cross suncatcher constructed with copper foil. This freestanding sculpture has an amber cross with a white Easter lily springing from its base.

Etched Vases
Design by AAA Superior Glass Co. & Crystal Galleries A pattern with instructions for adding surface-etched ivy leaves to clear glass vases. These projects are accomplished by using a portable sandblast cabinet or etching cream.

Crushed Glass Panel & Box Lid—Recycling Made Beautiful!
Design by Kennedy Enterprises
A set of designs for an 6-3/8"x 8-7/8" crushed glass rectangular box top or a larger crushed glass rectangular panel. Projects are created with the aid of Kennedy’s Diamond Glass Art Kit, which contains a King Krusher to recycle scrap glass; patterns; and lead-look tape to form the design lines.

New Products

Four-Loop Square
Design by Mark Waterbury
An 18-1/2" geometric panel constructed with copper foil. It features four blue loops interlaced through a pastel green background resting on a cross-shaped pastel green border. A blue-green center background adds life to the project.

Computer-Aided Design
By Marilyn Bryan
An article highlighting the possibilities available for creating glass designs with the aid of computer programming.

Filigree Frame & Box
Design by Mika International
A filigree frame and filigree box created from MikaFrame™ and MikaBox™ kits using either brass U-came or copper foil. The projects can have an antique look by applying black patina to the filigree. Pattern is available in the kit.

Home Improvement Special
By Marilyn Bryan
An article covering the importance of researching the best choices for exterior glass doors.

Beveled Transom
Design by Keyline International
A rectangular lead came geometric transom featuring interlacing figure eight designs. The project is built from Keyline International’s EntryDoor Series™. Pattern is available in the kit.

A Gift of Love
Design by Creative Castings
A set of 2-1/2"& tall gold-plated cherubs with glass wings created from kits by Creative Castings. Perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. Patterns and instructions are included in the kit.