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Summer 2012 **PRINT**

Summer 2012 **PRINT**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
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Letter from the Editor

The Combination of the Natural and the Personal

by Delynn Ellis

Delynn Ellis, the newly appointed editor of Glass Patterns Quarterly, introduces herself to GPQ readers. She reminds us that fellow artists with the talent to translate the magnificence of nature into glass art designs offer a combination of the natural and the personal that results in the pleasure and fulfillment of completing projects for everyone to enjoy.

GPQ Summer 2012 Gallery

Showcasing the Designs of Eight Outstanding Artists and Hobbyists

A collection of inspiring ideas for glass art from eight glass artists and hobbyists. Subjects include a stylized face panel, dogs and horses, a fisherman, a still life floral, a gorgeous tropical sunset, and a whimsical mirror border created by middle school students.

Garden Angel

Design and Fabrication by Anna Danowska

Photography by Agnieszka Bienert

Translated by Michal Makaruk

A stained glass angel panel with free-form border. This beautiful angel features a flowing dress, shimmering aura halo, and floral accents. Glass substitutions are suggested for the European glass used in the original design that are not available outside the artist’s native Poland. The pattern can be enlarged to the desired size. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.


Ed Hoy Artists of the Month

Showcasing the work of 13 glass artists

Diverse designs created using many different warm and cold glass techniques. Based on Facebook voting, Ed Hoy’s International customers competed for the title of Glass Artist of the Month and a Spectrum Glass gift certificate. This gallery includes realistic landscapes, decorative fused and slumped pieces, a fused shade, an ecclesiastical window, three-dimensional work, and guitars decorated with mosaic designs.

3-D Floating Water Lily—An Introduction to Stained Glass


Design, Fabrication, and Text by Lidia K. Anderson

A 6"-diameter free-form hanging water lily sculpture with facetted clear bead center. The three-dimensional beginner design features petal-shaped foiled glass from a pattern created using a compass to intersect a 6" circle. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.


Out of the Box—Secrets on Getting a Head

Design, Fabrication, Text, and Photography by Nancy Burke

An 11"-high x 21"-diameter freestanding, three-dimensional clear glass head decorated using mosaic techniques. Cut or nipped black glass tiles plus black frit cover the face and neck portions, while colored glass gems are used to create the “brain.” Black unsanded grout is used to finish the head.

Seagulls and Pelican


Designs by Casey Koller, Text by Darlene Welch

A set of 4 stained glass sea birds in flight including 10‑1/2" x 7" pelican, 7‑1/4" x 6‑1/2" seagull, 5‑3/4" x 8‑1/4" seagull, and 4‑3/4" x 10‑1/4" seagull. These small panels were designed by the late Casey Koller, whose designs were offered for many years through various shops and the National Audubon Society catalog. His son and daughter are now sharing his patterns through Glass Patterns Quarterly. These pieces were constructed using the copper foil technique.

Spirit of the West


Design, Fabrication, and Text by Leslie Gibbs

Photography by Jon Gibbs

A Southwestern stained glass panel depicting a Native American woman. This pattern has been featured by Spectrum Glass in one of the company’s advertisements. Careful glass selection helps to depict the folds of the blanket wrapped around the woman as well as the landscape background. The panel is finished with a glass border featuring a geometric Native American motif. The pattern can be reproduced in the desired size. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Aanraku Magnolia


First Rendering by Linda Sparks, Text by Jeffrey Castaline

A 22" x 33" stained glass floral panel from the pattern book, Aanraku Eclectic IV, from the Original Series, Volume 4. This elegant pattern featuring a magnolia blossom and branches is designed by Aanraku Glass Studios and is appropriate even for first-time stained glass artists when using Aanraku cutting techniques. The project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Tricks of the Trade—Stained Glass Foiling in Half the Time


Design, Fabrication, and Text by Joseph E. Godek

A stained glass sun face circular panel with instructions that illustrate tips for faster ways to burnish copper foil. Included are techniques for doing all of the copper foiling for projects by hand, placing the pieces on the pattern, then doing the burnishing by applying pressure with a roller over the entire piece. The pattern can be resized. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Swallowtail Butterfly


Design by Lisa Vogt, Text by Darlene Welch

A 17"-diameter swallowtail butterfly stained glass panel. The black and orange accents on the butterfly wings resting against the yellow sunflowers adds depth and gives the design a three-dimensional feel. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

Let There Be Light—Fused Pendant Light Shades

Design and Fabrication by Erica Biery, Text and Photography by Pat Rizzotto

A set of hanging shades created from strips of various colors of glass that are stacked, fused together in a kiln, and combed to create a swirled design. The pieces are then slumped, and holes are drilled to accommodate the electrical fixtures for the lights.

Portraits in Painted Glass


Design, Fabrication, Text, and Photography by Emma Blount

A portrait of a young girl painted, shaded, and fired on glass. Photographs are used for tracing the design, which makes this project well suited for used in personalized projects. Instructions for how to mix gum arabic with the glass paints is included as well as tips for applying a wash to the glass, shading the portrait, and adding the finishing details.

Tulip Panel—The Right Combination of Heat and Time


Design, Fabrication, and Text by Nonnie Lyketsos

An 8" x 8" square fused still life panel featuring a stylized tulip. The colored glass for the leaves and tulip plus the black glass pieces for the background are placed in the kiln according to the design pattern. A mosaic look is achieved by leaving a small amount of space between the glass pieces inside the kiln before firing the panel.

Sunset Glass Tapestry—Changing the Direction of Glass Fusing


Design, Fabrication, Text, and Photography by David Alcala

A 5" x 7" fused waterside landscape created by vertically layering frit between two pieces of glass. The landscape background is developed using desired colors of frit that are poured and manipulated with a wire rod stylist into the shapes for the background, then fired in the kiln. Final details such as trees and birds are added with decals.

What’s New

by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in books and patterns plus new glass and tools or hot, warm, and cold glass artists and hobbyists. This is the perfect place to keep up with the innovations that will make working in glass easier and more enjoyable.

Lighted Glass-on-Glass Fishscape


Design and Fabrication by Alysa Phiel, Text and Photography by Alexandra Berger

A 22" x 10‑1/2" underwater panel combining stained glass, mosaic, and fusing techniques. The pattern is drawn onto clear, textured glass, and glass bubbles are added as accents. Large and small fish are cut, fired in the kiln to fuse the fins, then added to the mosaic background to complete this seascape.

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