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Winter 1990 **DIGITAL**



Digital Version for Download--Print Version Sold Out--CD Version also available

Book Reviews
All Through the Night published by CKE Publications
Santa Fe published by Grace York
Interiors published by Timberline Publications
Designs for Dreamers published by Stained Glass Images Inc.

Glass Update

Daffodil Shade—Tips for Building the Daffodil Cone Shade
Design by Carolyn Relei
A cone-shaped floral lamp shade with dark green leaves coming from the top of the shade. A border on the bottom of the shade displays yellow, orange, and white daffodils. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Guest Designer Interview with Carolyn Relei

A Vintage Biplane—Capture in Glass This Scene from the Past

Design by Mark Waterbury
A 30" x 12" rectangular aviation panel with yellow biplane trimmed in dark turquoise against fluffy clouds. This project is constructed with copper foil.

Great Blue Heron—Detailing with Copper Foil Overlay
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 17-1/4" x 28" oval bird panel with blue heron wading through cattail-filled waters against a background of green hills, white clouds, and blue skies. This project is constructed with copper foil, and the cattails are constructed of copper foil overlay.  Full-size pattern available by ordering pattern #64 from Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Fused Cardinal—A Stunning Fused and Soldered Panel
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 12" x 20" squared oval bird panel with bright red cardinal perched on a leaf-filled branch. Project combines fusing with copper foil construction.

Quilting with Glass—Quick Cuts for Speedy Production
Design by Don Able
A set of 2-1/2" geometric suncatchers in round, square, and diamond shapes with blue and white checkerboard patterns. The Morton System is used for cutting.

Apple Blossom Shades—Create Family Treasures with the New Patterns
A small bell-shaped mini lamp shade covered with pink apple blossoms and dark green leaves. It is constructed with Worden’s B7-5 Apple Blossoms T Pattern Packet and B7-P Non-Sectional MiniForm® A larger bell-shaped shade is also presented with pink apple blossoms against a background of amber freeform pieces and tree branches running through the design. Project is constructed using Worden’s GF16-8 Apple Blossom Pattern Packet and GF16-P Full Form®.

Fused Birds in Flight
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 15" circular fused bird panel with a flock of geese contrasted against a blue sky with clouds. This same motif can be used to create 6"x 9" rectangular box tops used with Inland's lacquered wood boxes.

The Flying Parrot—A Fun Stained Glass Kit to Build
Design by Bonnie Beckstrom
A bird mobile with bright red parrot trimmed in yellow and blue carrying a pink blossom. Project was constructed from a kit by Stained Glass Images. Full-size pattern is available in the kit.

Tulip Box
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 6-3/8" x 9-3/8" rectangular floral box top panel with two bending yellow tulips and green leaves on a background of blue.

Upcoming Events

Classic Beveled Window—Part Two in a Series
Design by Steven V. James
A classic beveled geometric window panel with cranberry pink English Muffle interiors and clear seedy. Background. The panel is centered with a #NF-17 bevel from Creative Craftsmen’s Infinity Bevel Clusters. The four corners of the center bevel are graced with NF-5 fleur-de-lis clusters.

Entrance Doors—Crystals, Colors, and Textures Combine for an Elegant Entryway
Design by Mark Waterbury
A 16-3/4" x 64-1/4" exterior door panel using moss-textured crystal on the outer border and a central design cut from rippled glass. A thin oval interior border is made from a purple and crystal mix.  Full-size pattern available by ordering pattern #15 from Glass Patterns Quarterly.


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