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Ready, Set, Summer!  DelynnPhotoLetter

Glass Patterns Quarterly presents the free and easy spirit of the summer. With no major holidays to plan for, the kids out of school, and vacations in full swing, get ready to kick off your shoes, literally. GPQ is launching the summer season in style and inviting you to breathe fresh air into your work. Many of the tutorials listed here celebrate the sun on our faces and memories that we want to cherish.

Summer is a great time to create a bucket list, an inventory of goals or events that take commitment to achieve before the list maker “kicks the bucket.” While GPQ isn’t suggesting that “the end” is near, we are encouraging you to make your summer count, in more ways than one. The following is a Glass Patterns Quarterly Summer 2018 bucket list with simple suggestions to work our tutorials into your summer.

• Stargaze or work on Leslie Gibbs’ Moonbeam Mermaid, Adrift in Sea Dreams.

• Go on a picnic or, better yet, experiment with Chantal Paré’s Watermelon Picnic.

• Visit an aquarium, and while you’re there, get color ideas for Jean Beaulieu’s Bubble the Fish pattern.

• Fly a kite or just cook up one in your kiln with Lisa Vogt’s Breezy Kite.

• Look at the sky through a telescope or make a fun Marble Kaleidoscope with Ally B.

• Take surfing lessons or create Alysa Phiel’s Surf’s Up fused surfboard for your favorite enthusiast.

• Create an award winning garden in glass by creating Komal Prasad’s Maltese Cross, Robin Anderson’s Freeze ’n Fuse Flower Basket, and Paned Expressions Sunflowers.

• Visit a beach or get the same colorful beauty from Kevin Thornhill’s Beach Crowd.

• Enter the Wissmach/Kaiser-Lee Kiln Forming Challenge.

• Last, but not least, work on your tan or stay indoors and slump Stephanie O’Toole’s Sun Lamp.

As always, Glass Patterns Quarterly wants to help craft your seasons with tutorials, patterns, supply lists, new products, and helpful techniques. We also hope we’ve earned the right to be a part of your bucket list, whether that includes resolutions or fun projects for the summer season and beyond.

Happy glassing,

Delynn Ellis

Managing Editor


                   Maltese Cross by Komal  Prasad            FlowerLettert                             


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