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  That’s how we can find time to do things that feed our souls. Finding long blocks of time might seem laughable as you get ready for the holidays. It might be a better idea to pursue your creativity in small snippets instead of expecting to block out an entire weekend for working on your holiday gifts. It’s great if you happen to have large chunks of time to do that, but after working while juggling friends and family, it may seem overwhelming just thinking about your creative to-do list. Let me offer a few suggestions to help with the process.

  Try to carve out time in 15- to 30-minute increments. Pencil in time for artwork slated for gift giving as part of your weekly routines. I strongly suggest that you take this magazine with you to your daily appointments or keep it in your car so you can scan for project ideas and read up on the latest happenings. Jot down some ideas and plan out your calendar time for creating your holiday list.

  Glass Patterns Quarterly has project offerings for small decorative gifts along with larger, more intricate panels. We love putting together something for everyone including fusers, painters, stained glass artists, and mosaicists. I strongly encourage you to try some crossover techniques if you haven’t done so already.

  Something I’m proud to introduce in this issue is that many projects are from new and/or novice artists who are submitting for the first time. Business owner, instructor, and artist, Dennis Brady sincerely believes that, “When we all share, we all gain.” That’s important, whether we learn from a beginning glass artist or a sage veteran.

  Many of you reading this letter are also instructors. Isn’t it true that when you are working with a new batch of students, you also take away something innovative? Whether it’s seeing an original way in which they interpret the glass or how they develop a composition from their own unique backgrounds, often the teacher learns as much as the student.

  The same is true for this magazine. We love to see similar ideas through different sets of eyes. I’ve said before that most techniques have already been done by someone, but you haven’t done them all. You will put your own expression and creativity behind the patterns in the pages ahead, which is where inventiveness is born.

  The holidays are such a busy time, with to-do lists covering every aspect of our lives. Glass Patterns Quarterly aims to help you cross a few items off of that list with inspirational idea recipes that will turn your stolen moments into works of art.

Happy Glassing,

Delynn Ellis


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