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   As an adjective in the English language, the word like has taken on a whole new meaning with the emergence of the social media platform on Facebook. Folks who participate in online forums and fan pages know that by “liking” something, they are showing support for a photo, concept, or phrase without leaving a comment. Getting a good number of “likes” means a photo or a statement holds some popularity or solidarity.

   Facebook forums are a wonderful way to enjoy the work of fellow glass artists from all over the world without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. This really has changed the way that artists of all kinds can celebrate their work that they typically produce in remotely located workshops.

   With all of the ups and downs of the glass industry, one thing remains the same—the love and enthusiasm for the beauty of glass. Glass Patterns Quarterly continues to monitor and support many of the online blogs composed of a variety of glass genres. We appreciate that you are fans of our online presence as well. Nothing gives us more pride and joy than when we see one of our featured patterns in the finishing stages on your workbench uploaded to Fused Glass Fanatics, Stained Glass Addicts, Fans of Chantal’s Patterns, Glass People, and many other glass art forums. I have come to the undisputed conclusion that you like us!

   As a part of this mutual admiration club, GPQ loves to promote the latest ideas as well as emerging  artists. We like to keep the fire burning and represent what is happening now in stores, decor, and trending techniques. Maintaining an online presence is one way that we can peruse innovative artists for project features and requests, so keep up the good work. We are always looking for fresh work to feature in our magazine and to feature on Glass Expert Webinars™.

   Be sure to follow our Glass Patterns Quarterly page on Facebook for updates regarding the latest Webinars and seasonal features of past and present magazine projects. I continue to see an abundance of GPQ published patterns posted via the glass enthusiast forums. Feel free to tag #glasspatternsquarterly if you are working from one of our patterns.

   Last but not least, we hope you enjoy our 2016 Wildlife Edition. It’s clear that Mother Nature and her creatures offer an unlimited array of designs that can be perfectly captured and enhanced with the luminous colors and textures of the mysterious property we call glass. Enjoy all the furry warmth that this issue has to give.

Happy Glassing,

Delynn Ellis

Managing Editor                                                                  LynxLetter




                    Lynx by Jean Beaulieu                                             


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