Letter from the Editor

Springtime State of Mind


  By the sound of birds chirping and the sights of flowers blooming, our natural surroundings recognize that it’s spring. Sometimes our creative minds need a reminder to catch up to nature’s rebirth by opening ourselves up to the innovative ideas that are all around us. It might be a time to dust off our concepts and breathe some new life into our workspace. Glass Patterns Quarterly should be able to help with that. With all of the possibilities that spring provides, we hope you find similar inspiration in the following 33 pages of editorial and 16-page pattern insert, not to mention the helpful ideas and supplies from our advertisers. You might just have as much “inspiration” as you can handle.
  GPQ helps you invigorate your glass practice by observing the possibilities that the addition of multiple techniques offer by breaking them all down into bite-size pieces. Create layers of paint with Margot Clark. Learn the attributes of alcohol ink with Cathy Claycomb. Acquire the secrets of painterly detail applied to the Three Strawberries panel with Chantal Paré. You can also stretch your soldering and form building techniques with Nancy Wright-Clapson’s Woodland Serenity lamp.
  Now it’s time to fire up the kiln and check out some new firing molds online or at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas. In this issue, we show you how to make everything from jewelry pendants to a gorgeous poppy bowl. A bevy of garden art begins with Wesley Wong’s cherry blossom pinwheel and a contemporary mobile from Petra Kaiser.
  Finally, one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to enjoy learning a new technique in a classroom-style setting is to sample one of our Glass Expert Webinars™. These live, two-hour interactive Internet workshops feature renowned glass artists and are viewed in the comfort of your own home or glass studio. Go to www.glasspatterns.com for a complete listing of times and dates.
  Ahhh, Spring! Breathe the fresh air, hear the birds, taste the greens, see the pastel colors . . . and create glass that inspires!

Happy glassing,

Delynn Ellis

Managing Editor                                                                   200x271CherryBlossomPinwheel




                                        Cherryi Blossom Dish by Wesley R. Wong                                               


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