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Letter from the Editor

Splendor in the Glass


  Botanicals, leaves, winged creatures . . . the themes of spring never get old. Many areas of the United States have battled unseasonably cold, snowy temperatures for a good part of the winter, so spring’s return this year is a special relief to most.
  While the delicate petals and luminescent wings of springtime are often a challenge to recreate realistically in glass, the tutorials on the following pages offer special tips to get the job done. You can see for yourself the distinct features that turn an assembled project into a work of art. Check out the 3-D stamens in Chantal Paré’s rich blue and fuchsia anemones, the intensity of the hatch marks in Carmen Flores Tanis’ floppy flowers, and the natural looking seeds that cover the center of Erica Biery Collins’ sunflowers. It is details like these that expand a replica into a piece that has depth and character.
  The enthusiasm you feel from making a quality glass project can’t help but make you want to share your talents with others, whether it’s teaching glass techniques to a young neighbor, as Leslie Gibbs does in “Glories in the Garden,” or responding to the special needs community like occupational therapist Janae Polish in “The Therapeutic Value of Mosaic Teamwork.” Janae uses glass as a medium for enriching the lives of clients who would not normally get the opportunity to work with glass. You don’t have to be a licensed therapist, however, to bring the splendor of glass to your own church, school, mom’s group, or senior center.
  The KBW Foundation is taking this concept further by promoting “Art Glass in Art Class,” a hands-on dissemination of knowledge about art glass to art teachers around the country. This collaborative program helps licensed teachers integrate glass into their art curriculums as they provide a hands-on experience working with glass. Glass Patterns Quarterly, Glass Art, and The Flow are proud sponsors of the program, which hopes to inspire budding glass artists for years to come.

Encouraging you to make great glass,


Delynn Ellis
Managing Editor







                                                                                      Sunburst Suncatcher by Alysa Phiel


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