Letter from the Editor

Through the Eyes of the Artist


  The staff at Glass Patterns Quarterly devotes thoughtful consideration into each issue so that it develops as a creative process. We hope you continue the process with your own imagination and feeling. In other words, look at the projects from your own perspective and through the assessment of your glass supply. If we offer a stained glass pattern and you make it with fused glass instead, is it still a stained glass pattern? No, that was not intended to be a riddle but rather a question to ask yourself. We can get caught up in labels, at times, on whether something is used for stained glass, fused glass, 96 or 90 COE, or mosaic tile. At GPQ, we always offer a mixture of fused and stained glass projects, then fan out from there with painting, etching, mosaics, and other glass mediums.
  As you tear out the 16-page pattern insert, look at the patterns through different eyes. For example, could you use the Paned Expressions Tiger Face for fused glass or as a template for painting? Of course! Could you make Holly Stedman’s Ammonite entirely of stained glass and hang it on hooks instead of mounting it on a stand and using bevels? You bet. Could you make Wesley Wong’s Twin Koi into a mosaic tabletop? Absolutely! Can you see where I’m going with this? We hope you take our examples and run with them. Together, Glass Patterns Quarterly and our author/artists have created patterns and projects through our eyes, but we are counting on your objectivity to complete the process. That is how innovation is born.
  This issue is our second annual Wildlife Issue. The vibrant animal kingdom offers much inspiration to glass artists and beyond.  We are excited to showcase additional underwater designs this year along with traditional habitats that have the qualities that ensure a visceral connection.

Just as the wildlife varies in geographic locations, we hope GPQ’s wide variety of patterns finds its way into your glass studio where design development is sure to take place.


Delynn Ellis
Managing Editor




                                        Flying Geese by Cathy Claycomb


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