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Slice of Ingenuity


   I recently attended the Glass Craft & Bead (GC&B) Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the show floor was buzzing with excitement from attendees learning the latest techniques and voicing respect for those teaching them. That excitement continues with a wide array of expertise packed into this Summer 2016 edition of Glass Patterns Quarterly. I’m always amazed at the amount of colors, patterns, and assistance in each issue gathered from contributing artists spanning three continents. This “Slice of Summer” issue does not disappoint. Let’s take a look.
  On the stained glass side, as in every issue, GPQ Summer 2016 touches on craftsmanship for foiling, burnishing, and soldering stained glass projects. Our experts will also show you ways to form both a round and rectangular jig, how to frame with lead, include bevels in your designs, enhance projects with decorative wire, and work with opaque, enamel, matte, and kiln fired paints. When you’re finished constructing your piece, you’ll learn ways to clean it and make it shine. There are also beautiful details and color selections to be found in our stand-alone patterns featuring a lighthouse, summer peaches, Scottish thistle, and Action Bevel designs.
  Artistry using mixed media, which was all the rage at the Expo, is also included. Combining mediums can lead to the creation of an intriguing work of art, and this issue is brimming with suggestions on merging warm and cold glass tactics such as combining traditional methods with fused mosaic tesserae. Skills are demonstrated for enriching your glass designs with etching, rubber stamping, embossing, and decorative grout, as well as for stained glass and fused mosaics, including the use of andamento. You’ll also find tips for the best ways to handle tile adhesive and apply paint markers and ready-to-use enamels.
  This year the GC&B Expo Gallery of Excellence displayed some stiff competition, especially in the Fused Glass division, where our publisher Maureen James, Webinar Producer Marcie Davis, and I were judges. These glass artisans have raised the bar when it comes to fusing, which is evident in the fused glass tutorials that are an important part of each GPQ issue. Check out the instructions on painting with glass powder and creating designs with mosaic-size pieces and vitrigraph stringer. Tips on three-dimensional fusing, working with dichroics, using the provided firing schedules plus advice on adjusting them to fit your own kiln, and so much more are waiting for you inside these pages.
  Infuse your summer with a fresh slice of glassmaking skills topped with a piece of ingenuity to upgrade your work. It all begins here. Don’t be afraid to experiment, transform, and create!

Happy Glassing,

Delynn Ellis

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                                        Glistening Garden Pals by Lisa Vogt                                               


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