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 The annual “Glass in the Garden” issue is one of my favorites, because the Glass Patterns Quarterly contributing artists give themselves permission to experiment and interpret their ideas inspired by the outdoors. Glass is a sturdy property, and if cared for correctly, it can hold up quite well in gardens and outdoor venues across the globe. That is why we are proud to offer you, our readers, a variety of ways to grow your own glass techniques.
 With the popularity of glass fusing, we find ourselves able to create 3-D vessels in a weekend. In this issue alone we show you how to make decorative outdoor items from sculptures to fountains. The continuing growth of glass art techniques helps our contributing artists look at their own art through different lenses and push their ideas in order to come up with the concise tutorials we feature in each issue.

 GPQ takes pride in finding quality projects from world-renowned instructors. You will see many of our contributors’ names as instructors at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo coming up in April 2018 in Las Vegas. At GPQ, we love it when an instructor’s tutorial, class, and Webinar all come together. This is where the opportunity for growth where the author/reader become instructor/student.

 Glass Patterns Quarterly has been bringing you quality tutorials for over 30 years. As one of only a few glass print publications on the market, we have continued to adapt to the ups and downs experienced by the glass market by embracing new technology to offer digital copies, CDs, and Glass Expert Webinars™. However, we also want to keep bringing the colorful pages to you in print, because we know that glass artists are very tactile, visually oriented people who want to bring a copy of the magazine into their workshops and leaf through the pages while they are working. All of this takes great effort on our part by keeping all of the editorial, advertising, and publishing balls in the air, just like a juggler. Of course, none of this would be possible without our supportive advertisers that you see sprinkled throughout the pages. The advertisers offset the costs of producing this publication. Please support them whenever possible.

 We hope that you will look at ways to grow your own skills, design ideas, and products. Hopefully, the rebirth of spring will inspire you to keep creating. Most importantly, GPQ hopes that it can help.

Happy glassing,

Delynn Ellis

Managing Editor


                   Glass Cast Lizard by Petra Kaiser            200x271MrsLizArt                             


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