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Richard La Londe LIVE Lecture

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Don't settle for fusing just "clear float glass"

Don't limit yourself to painting to add color.

Richard La Londe returns with a lecture in the  Master Glass Artisan Lecture Series™. And if you have ever wanted to learn about fusing enamels and metals with float glass, this is the lecture for you! Richard will discuss:

• Looking at eight early “window glass” fusers and decipher how their techniques might be accomplished using materials available today

• Vitreous enamels, metals and foils; including silver and gold fused with float glass

• FIVE different fused and slumped projects with step by step images

• Glass compatibility along with controlling devitrification

• How to identify the tin vs air side of float glass

This lecture will be enhanced by Richard's collection of pre-1980s window glass art pieces which are featured in his book, Richard La Londe and Friends--Book II

This is a unique opportunity to learn and interact with a pioneer in glass fusing!

Glass Patterns Quarterly and Glass Art magazines are pleased to present the Master Glass Artisan Lecture Series™. These one-hour lectures will provide professional PowerPoint demonstrations similar to those seen at glass conferences. They will also include a “live chat” format like the one used in our Glass Expert Webinars™ that allows the artist to answer real questions from actual participants.

**Within a week after the Webinar, everyone who purchases the class will receive an e-mail with the link to a recorded version of the Webinar. You will have unlimited viewing of the recording AND your link never expires!

No Traveling Required!

To Purchase the Recorded Webinar Link click here

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