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Letter from the Editor

DelynnPhotoLetterMoving On

It was more than seven years ago that I came on board to work for Glass Patterns Quarterly as managing editor. For a glass artist with a journalism degree, it doesn’t get more perfect than that. As with many things in life, there comes a time when it’s time to move on. I have recently relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska, where my husband took a new position at the university. We are both starting over in more ways than one.

I’ve connected with so many of you artists, both as your editor and as an admirer of your collective work. Finding new and emerging artists, then coaching them on writing articles comes very naturally to me. Over these past seven years, I’ve seen the glass community come together as a strong and supportive entity.

I would love to give a shout out to the contributing artist/writers whom I have worked with. While many of you are experienced contributors, there are at least a dozen emerging artists who are worked into the publication every year. I am more than aware of the planning, work, and giving of your time and materials that are required. I do firmly believe that nothing takes the place of tried and true experience with a helpful spirit. I’ve seen the payoff for both the submitting artists and readers in so many ways.

I was a fan of glass art before I knew anything about it. Now, after working in the genre both as an artist and a journalist, I’m even more of an enthusiast of glass art and those who do the work. Please stay in touch.

Very truly yours,

Delynn Ellis


Dear Readers,

We will certainly miss working with Delynn Ellis and are appreciative of the work she did over the years to bring new and exciting glass projects to GPQ.MaureenJamesNewPhotoLetter

I don’t have a person in mind at this time to replace Delynn as managing editor. Our current plan is to use an editorial board made up of some of the same writers and artists you have come to love. I would like to invite you, our readers, to suggest ideas and designers that you admire and would like to see in our publication. 

Things are always evolving, and this method has proven beneficial in other publications. I believe that it will prove valuable to ours as well. I’m eager to try this new team effort and look forward to hearing your creative ideas and suggestions as we continue to improve our offerings to our Glass Patterns Quarterly readers.

Happy cutting,

Maureen James, Publisher

Glass Patterns Quarterly




Upcoming Submission Deadlines

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Spring 2019        DIY Home Decor, Lighting, Tiles, Tables, and Wall Art
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What is a Submission Form?

The Flow's Submission Form is a printable form to aid in our submission process. Please print this document and fill it out to include with your mailed submission. Click here to go to our Submission Form page.
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Where should I send my completed submission?

We prefer that you send your submission on disc by mail.  Please include in your package a labeled disc with your submission files, a completed submission form, and a printed laser proof (optional).

Please mail your submission to:
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Glass Patterns Quartelry                          Glass Patterns Quartelry
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