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gpqmediakitGlass Patterns Quarterly is the leading international glass publication. We've been providing inspiration and information since1985 to glass hobbyists and professional artists.

GPQ leads in circulation, display advertising, newsstand distribution, new product information, informative step-by-step tutorials, and gallery submissions. The magazine’s 98 percent paid circulation is almost twice the combined circulation of all other stained glass magazines in our industry. We’re the only magazine that features a pullout pattern section and over a dozen seasonal full-size patterns.

With every issue you will reach subscribers and newsstand readers in the United States, Canada, and fifty othercountries. Glass enthusiasts pick up GPQ at newsstands in more than 600 independent bookstores, hundreds of glass retail storefronts, and from bead suppliers across North America.

  • spotlight glass artists and organizations whose vision and commitment are shaping our community.
  • celebrate our contributions to the arts through the creativity of our artists to local galleries and museums.
  • highlight our glass artist's unique design expressions in working within our themed issues.
  • explore their diverse styles and share their experiences that help define our world-class magazine.
  • present in-depth tutorials that teach techniques from the newest emerging glass artists to the masters of the glass world.
Glass Patterns Quarterly offers an editorial environment that is fresh and attractive without clutter or pretense, one that attracts writers and glass artists who are passionate about their craft and our community.

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