Our Staff

Steven James – Co-Publisher

Steven is a visionary and a craftsman who is personally responsible for the design and construction of the studio and office of Glass Patterns Quarterly, and its sister publications, Glass Art and The Flow magazines. His fine arts background adds much to the lifestyle of the company and these interests have proven to be a great asset to the development and success of the three periodicals which cater to different audiences. 

Maureen James – Publisher

Maureen has been involved in the glass industry as a publisher since 1985 when she became cofounder and managing editor of Glass Patterns Quarterly. This quality, tutorial-based periodical has an international readership in over eighty countries. Maureen’s desire to provide a vital business resource for glass professionals later led to the birth of Profitable Glass Quarterly. She is currently publisher of Glass Patterns, Glass Art and The Flow publications. She has also served on the board of the International Art Glass Suppliers Association and in 2012 received the Lifetime Achievement Award from this organization. Maureen also served as a board member of the KBW Educational Foundation. Maureen is an active and voting member ISGB, GAS, and SGAA. She and her staff manage the demonstration stage that runs throughout the Glass Craft & Bead Expo each year in Las Vegas, Nevada and judge the Gallery of Excellence Gallery. She has been influential in bringing glass education to the masses and is thrilled to be working with the various organizations serving in this capacity. Maureen is also a co-host for the Glass Expert Webinars in which the best and most sought after instructors in the industry share their unique techniques to an audience all over the world via a live webinar.

Kathy Gentry – Circulation Manager

Kathy has worked with the company since the inception of its sister publication, Glass Patterns Quarterly, and is the company's longest serving employee. Her experience and knowledge of the department allows Kathy to provide excellent customer service. She is responsible for maintaining the ever-increasing database of GPQ subscribers, distributors, and advertisers and also manages monthly updates and reports for the publications as well as for our website www.theflowmagazine.com. In addition, she manages the renewal series in circulation, which includes both USPS and e-mail renewal efforts, and oversees all subscription efforts and new trials. Kathy also insures that the paperwork and lists are at the printer and mailing house on schedule and has helped to bring a twenty-five year, on-time, non-interrupted record to the three titles that she manages.

Mark Waterbury – Art Director

Mark translates his vast talent and experience in the world of glass art into remarkable article and ad layouts for Glass Patterns Quarterly. He also lends his eye for color and light to GPQ as a stained glass design artist. His firsthand knowledge and insight into running a stained glass retail store was instrumental in the early years of our publication. He creates most of the graphics that appear in our publications as well as on our website. Mark’s honest and forthright assessment ability allows Mark to produce layouts that are clean and interesting for articles and has allowed him to build successful ads for several advertisers of Glass Patterns Quarterly. If you need a fresh ad message, consider using Mark to design your next ad.

Dave Burnett –Production Manager

Dave enjoys watching the issues of each of the magazines come together as he works on laying out articles, advertisements, and the various sections devoted to new products. He likes to stay one step ahead of the schedule to insure that we have materials that are adequate and on time. He keeps all of the stages of magazine production flowing before moving on to the website updates. He is also on the e-mail team and produces most of the images that you see on our website. Dave was part owner of an art gallery where he was involved in various art shows, and he designed and has constructed many of the stained glass projects for Glass Patterns Quarterly. Everyone who works with Dave loves and appreciates his easygoing style and positive attitude, and his jovial nature is definitely a stress reducer in a deadline-oriented workplace.

Darlene Welch – Copy Editor

Darlene brings to Glass Patterns Quarterly experience as a writer, proofreader for various book publishing companies, and private school library teacher responsible for mentoring her students in the annual “Young Author Awards” sponsored by the Courier-Journal. Darlene works to assure continuity and accuracy and also serves as one of the contributing writers for the magazine. Her easy yet professional style allows her to work with a multitude of glass artists, writers, and designers, assisting them in telling their stories and showing their techniques. She strives first and foremost to get it right while allowing writers who contribute to GPQ the opportunity to be happy with the final results. She has implemented a series of proofing stages to insure correctness in techniques and details by allowing the writers a last chance to look over their material before it goes to press. Darlene also edits our staff letters and anything that goes on our website and newsletters.

Rhonda Sewell – Accountant

Rhonda is involved in all aspects of accounting including accounts payable and receivable, tax records, and quarterly reports. Her ten years of experience with a CPA firm and nine years as an elementary school bookkeeper help her to further enhance the excellent customer service she provides to the clients of Glass Patterns Quarterly. She has been instrumental in bringing efficiency in the accounting offices at our headquarters, utilizing the latest software to streamline tasks. She has also led the implementation of the Safety and Privacy policy that exists at the publication's headquarters in the handling of customer and client information. Her professionalism and insight into accounting make Rhonda a valued asset for our publications. She makes accounting look so easy, and for those of you who talk to Rhonda, you'll always hear a soft, supportive voice to help you.