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The Summer 2015 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly presents a wide variety of stained and fused glass art projects with something for everyone. A fused tile mosaic bench, bride and groom wedding plates, and many other fused glass projects are included. You’ll also find beautiful stained glass designs for sailboats, mountain scenery, wall mottos, and nostalgic themes. A beginner stained glass jewelry project plus information on the latest products designed to make your glass art work easier and even more enjoyable rounds out this exciting issue.


The Spring 2015 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly presents a great selection of designs for the home and garden. Tutorials for a striking beveled display case for beach keepsakes, painting glass using enamels and stamps, creating 3-D garden accents, and fusing spring flowers and kites are just a few of the fabulous projects in its pages. You’ll also find a 16-page full-size pattern pullout section, information on new products that make creating in glass easier, and a directory of stained glass supply shops in this exciting issue.

We have flyers available for you to display in your local communities online and off. You can download any or all of these materials by clicking on the PDFs below. Please feel free to personalize these great resources that have been created by Mark Waterbury and provided by Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine by clicking on the alterable PDFs below.

Please let us know if you need a higher resolution for your printing needs. Call 800-719-0769

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We want You . . . yes, You . . . to help us spread the word to glass addicts who have fallen away to “Come Back to Glass”! Whether we blast it, melt it, grout it, cut it, or grind it, we all love glass and want more people to join the fun. So if you know someone whose grinder is holding open the cellar door instead of shaping glass, ask them to join us and come on back to glass. (Don’t forget to encourage some newbies, too!)

Sample tweets for all you twitterers:

Calling all former Glass Addicts who want to join the action! Warm up your grinder and “Come Back to Glass.” (109 characters)

Join the “Come Back to Glass” campaign and help promote glass art with free banners and flyers from GPQ. (104 characters)

Join the “Come Back to Glass” campaign and help promote glass art with free banners and flyers from Glass Patterns Quarterly. (125 characters)

“Come Back to Glass” begins now. Help us encourage glass enthusiasts to join the campaign to promote glass art with free materials from GPQ. (140 characters)

Calling all glass enthusiasts! Encourage your friends to join in the fun of creating with glass. Get free promotional materials from GPQ. (135 characters)


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