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Winter 2016 **DIGITAL**

Winter 2016 **DIGITAL**
Brand: Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine
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From the Editor

You Like Us
by Delynn Ellis
Managing Editor Delynn Ellis reminds readers that social media forums are a wonderful place for glass enthusiasts to enjoy the work of artists from all over the world without leaving the comfort of home. GPQ is proud to provide inspiration through its often-visited website and Facebook Internet presence.

Sweet Manatee
Mythical Mermaid of the Sea
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Leslie Gibbs
Photography by Jon Gibbs
A 13" x 15" stained glass panel featuring an underwater manatee. Iridescent glass gives a realistic look to the water. Sprinkles of frit are also added to the the manatee’s body then fired before assembly to represent lichen that often live on these animals. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Double-Wheel Kaleidoscope
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Nancy Wright-Clapson
An 8"-long, double-wheel glass kaleidoscope made with the aid of a Clarity kaleidoscope kit. The kaleidoscope uses a three-mirror system and can be created by either cutting glass as desired or using the pre-cut strips included in the kit. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Owl in the Moonlight
Design, Fabrication, and Text by David Kennedy
Photography by Sharon Kennedy
A large stained glass panel featuring an owl standing against a moonlit nighttime sky. The use of Wissmach Mystic glass for the lower background, Seville for the skyline water, and Spectrum Waterglass® for the sky lends a feeling of depth and realism to the design. This project was constructed using copper foil techniques.

Design by Jean Beaulieu, Text by Darlene Welch
A 24" x 24" stained glass design of a lynx head. Careful selection of the glass grain captures the silky look of the ears, mane, and facial details. The distinctive black markings of the animal’s face are created with Dense Black glass. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Wild Horse Panel with Fused Elements
Design and Fabrication by Alysa Phiel, Text and Photography by Jane McClarren
A 14" x 22" multimedia stained glass panel depicting a wild horse in a Southwestern landscape. Elements of the design, including the rocks and cactus arms, are created from fused glass, and the creosote bush leaves are painted onto the panel. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

It’s Cold Out!
Mosaic Bluebird Wall Hanging
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Christine Brallier
A 10" round glass mosaic design featuring a bluebird and his flowing red scarf. Built on a wood base, the bird, branches, and background are cut from glass, with millefiori pieces added as accents. Beads are used to create an outer border. Grout is applied to finish the panel.

16-Page Full-Size Pattern Section

Frit Slurry Snowy Scene
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Kelley Mc Hugh
A 14‑1/2" x 6" fused and slumped snowy landscape design. Various shades of frit are applied to the clear glass base to create the snow, trees, and background. The project is fired to set the frit then slumped in a Creative Paradise wine bottle mold to add interest to the piece.

What’s New
by Darlene Welch
Information on the latest in books and patterns plus new glass and tools for hot, warm, and cold glass artists and hobbyists. This is the perfect place to keep up with the innovations that will make working in glass easier and more enjoyable.

Winter Crocus
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Lisa Vogt
A 15" x 7‑1/2" design featuring crocus blooms peeking through the snow. Flowers and leaves are cut from glass and glued to the blue background, which is enhanced with sprinkles of frit for the snow. The project is then fused to set. Final details are added with frit before slumping the piece.

Fused Valentine Favorites
Combed Glass and Scrap Melt Hearts
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Laurie Spray
A set of 8" to 10" Valentine hearts created from scrap glass. The first is created by filling a heart-shaped mold with scrap glass that is all the same COE, melting the glass, then combing to create the design. The second is a molded, fused, and slumped heart-shaped bowl.

Holiday Painted Fused Glass Candle Shield
Design, Fabrication, and Text by Dana Worley
An 8‑1/2" x 4‑1/4" candle shield on an 8" x 5" base. The main geometric design is painted on the clear glass shield, and additional accents are added with mica-covered frit powder. Tack-fusing sets the colors and frit, and the piece is then slumped on a rounded lamp panel form.

Polar Bear Motherhood
Design by Paned Expressions Studios, Text by Delynn Ellis
A 24" x 36" stained glass panel featuring a mother polar bear cuddling her cub. Careful selection and placement of the glass grain and colors of Wissmach Crystal and Wisspy glasses help to create a realistic feel for this far north scene. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Representing Your Stained Glass Art in Its Best Light
An Introduction to Digitally Repairing Stained Glass Photos
by Chantal Paré
An introduction to using raster-based graphics programs to enhance the look of photos of glass art. Detailed instructions are provided to help those who are just beginning to use Photoshop, including locating and using parts of the program that are needed to merge multiple photos into one enhanced picture.

Celtic Cross
Design by Jeffrey Castaline and Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Text by Darlene Welch
First Rendering by Franci Claudon
A 36" x 36" classic stained glass design. The way the pieces fit together in the Celtic Cross and surrounding Celtic knot plus a careful selection of the glass grain perfectly capture the unending flow that is the hallmark of these designs. This project was constructed using the copper foil technique.

Stained Glass Supply Shops

Kiln Corner
How to Adjust a Thermocouple
by Arnold Howard
Answers to questions from readers on various aspects of a kiln’s thermocouple, what it is, and how it works. Methods for adjusting the way a digital controller interprets the signal it receives from the thermocouple as well as different aspects of adjusting readings in thermocouple offset are included.

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