Elevator Lamps

Design by Mark Waterbury
A set of three designs for 6"x 6" x 10" elevator lamp frames from Studio One Art Glass that can either be wall-mounted or used on a table top. In these unique lantern designs, the “Marriage Cross” lamp uses two 3"x 6" marriage cross bevels from Studio One and two plain bevels. The “Stylized Design” lamp has a geometric design of bright lavender and bright blue. The “Icicles and Pine Cone” lantern shows icicles hanging from a tree branch with a pinecone attached. Instructions for the pine cone lantern include making your own filigree using copper sheet foil. These projects are constructed with copper foil.

GPQ Winter 1988, Volume 4, Number 4
Back Print issue magazine sold out, Digital Issue and CD available. To order issue with pattern included.


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