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Submission Information

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Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine Editorial Forecast:

Fall 2011
Theme: Autumn and Halloween, Harvest and Holiday Projects
Deadline: June 20, 2011
Release Date: September 2, 2011

This special issue of GPQ is dedicated to Autumn and Halloween, Harvest and Holiday Projects. Perhaps the most inspirational of issues, we invite artists to submit their original patterns and tutorials. This issue features an extensive Holiday gallery as well for those whose just wish to submit their high resolution (300 DPI images).  All skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) submissions are accepted. Any type of glass project or artwork is accepted (stained, etched, lead, painted, fused, slumped, cast, mixed media, ect.).

Is the artwork or project you would like to submit fitting for a particular season or time of year?

If so, please keep in mind that we plan our issues up to a year in advance. All types of submissions are accepted year-round for all issues and are scheduled as space permits. Consideration of your submission for publication in Glass Patterns Quarterly is as much a matter of editorial and seasonal circumstance as the quality of your artwork and digital photographs. Please review the deadlines and upcoming themed issue information for submissions above. Often our issue is filled before our editorial deadline date. Please send in your submission before the deadline, if possible. For a list of frequently asked questions concerning submissions, please click here.

If you plan to submit an article, please refer to past issues for guidance in selecting subject matter, writing style, editorial and photography quality.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content, style and tone of our previous issues before beginning your submission.

Glass Patterns Quarterly only publishes original work. We cannot publish a design that you saw on the Internet, learned in a class, or copied from an existing piece. Also, please do not submit work that has already been published or is currently under consideration at another magazine or publisher. Glass Patterns Quarterly reserves the right to edit your material for grammar, length and clarity to fit the requirements or format of the magazine.

Upon receipt of your submission, GPQ will contact you to confirm reciept, discuss when your artwork is likely to be published, and other details. We look forward to reviewing your submission

GPQ's Submission Form:
To aid in our submission process, please print this document and fill it out to include with your mailed submission. Submission Form

Please mail your submission to:
For all US Postal Service deliveries:                            For any Fed-Ex or UPS deliveries:
Glass Patterns Quarterly                                                    Glass Patterns Quarterly
PO Box 69                                                                 8300 Hidden Valley Road
Westport, KY 40077                                                         Westport, KY 40077

Phone: 502-222-5631

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