Nathan Sandberg LIVE Webinar

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Compression, Pressing, and squishing are all terms used to describe the process that OnGrade Studio developed to create personalized, cuttable, patterned, sheet glass. In this online session, you’ll follow Nathan through each step as he takes a Vitrigraph pot or two of sheet glass scraps and turns them into Kush style murrine. Subsequent firings will be used to transform the murrine into a very refreshing 9.25” x 9.25” x .75” kiln glass tray that is only 3 mm thick! (and not overly fragile)

This webinar covers multiple topics including the origins of Kush style Vitrigraph murrine, Vitrigraph cane pulling,Mounds and Murrine Effects, as well as Pressing glass to achieve thin blanks that are appropriate for many slumping/dropout projects. The ability to do basic grinding/coldworking to finish the project is necessary. The methods presented in this session are adaptable to fit many kiln sizes. 

No Traveling Required! 

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