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Glass Patterns Quarterly Winter 2012 E-Newsletter

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Winter  2012

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Sun and Stars

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Winter 2012 Magazine  

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Dear Readers,


The Continuously Written Handbook  


The handbook of glass art is continuously written. There isn't

one true manual for artists to reference that answers all their questions.

This can make looking for the solutions a bit tricky. That's why at Glass Patterns Quarterly, we do our best to put together a thoughtful mix of glass tutorials flavored with the trends of today in order to add to the "continuously written handbook." After all, glass is not seen in a vacuum. It is influenced by its pairings with other mixed media and ever-changing lifestyles. That is why we work together and pool resources in the glass industry to encourage discovery and innovation. 


I am personally grateful to our generous contributing artist-authors who adorn the pages

of GPQ. They understand that in sharing their discoveries and information they not only

benefit their fellow artists, but that in giving they receive as well. 


Sharing inspires others, but it doesn't stop there. It continues with many forms of

networking found at your local glass shop, trade organizations, conferences, and online

Webinars. We can imagine all of this sage information bottled up into the ultimate handbook.

We'd never have to leave our homes, but then what fun would that be?


We can do the next best thing, though, by booking flights for Las Vegas, Nevada, and

the Glass Craft and Bead Expo April 3-7, 2013. Check, then plan to attend the show, take classes, and submit your own work to the Gallery of Excellence. Glass Patterns Quarterly is happy to be a sponsor. Please stop by the GPQ booth. We'd love to meet you and hear your ideas.

Jump right in, use your strengths, and contribute your part. We are all writing the 
book together.
Hoping to see you in Las Vegas,
Delynn Ellis
Managing Editor  

Upcoming Submission Deadlines


Spring 2013       Mail Date, March 7, 2013


Summer 2013    Summertime and Nature, Seaside and Seascapes

Deadline              April 30, 2013

Mail Date              June 8, 2013 

Sun & Stars

Sun and Stars

Design by Lisa Vogt

Even though we can't see the sun at night when the stars appear, Old Sol can still look down on us from his far-away vantage point. His enigmatic expression is captured perfectly in this design from Flourish, a book by Lisa Vogt that includes ten full-size stained 

glass patterns.

Design by Marianne Crivellaro
Nothing is more beautiful and graceful than an experienced ice skater jumping, spinning, and gliding across the ice.  Marianne Crivellaro has captured that elegance in this delightful pattern, which can be found in More Little Women,one of twelve books included in The Ultimate Pattern Book, Volumn 2.
Design by Dave Burnett
A 7" round floral suncatcher graced with red, blue, and yellow flowers. The edge is trimmed with U-shaped brass filigree but can also be finished with lead, brass, or zinc came. Two-toned 
leaves add depth to this beginner project.
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GPQWinter2012Co...163x211(1).jpgThe Winter 2012 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly offers the glass enthusiast great designs for celebrating the beauty of the season plus projects for the upcoming Valentine and Mardi Gras holidays. Nine tutorials plus three additional patterns cover everything from a stained glass kaleidoscope, stylistic heart-shaped rose design, cheerful chickadees, and glass mosaic-covered frames to a painterly fused glass winter scene, slumped lamp shades, and etched dichroic hearts. These four-color, step-by-step tutorials offer something for every level of expertise from beginning glass hobbyist to advanced artist. What's new in products and services, answers to your kiln maintenance questions, and a list of stained glass supply shops round out this exciting issue. 


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Reader's Corner! 

The best place to learn and enjoy glass is by taking a class at a local stained glass retailer. Here you'll meet people of like mind and similar interests. We would like for you to meet, Nancy Weisser of Weisser Glass Studio in Kensington, Maryland, Nancy has learned to balance two identities---that of an accomplished, respected artist and that of a successful retail entrepreneur. Her secret, she says, lies in the recognition that each role informs, enriches, and supports the other. Weisser's initial goal with the retail store was to create a revenue stream to support her artistry. Her successful retail operation allows her to create art free of the need to make it commercial. "There is not a big push for me to sell my artwork, but I feel an absolute imperative to create it, and the store and studio give me a perfect platform for pursuing that work." In her 20 years as a glass retailer, the artist has learned that the two careers cross over and enhance each other. This article was published in Glass Art's January/February 2013 magazine. Glass Art provides inspiration and tips through the substantial profiles featured bimonthly. In addition to these profiles, we also offer regular features on managing your glass business, marketing artwork, and keeping up with the latest glass industry news and new product announcements. Why not order a Subscription today! 
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1st Christian C...10-14-2011.jpg   

 Christian Church Window  

 Design by Greg Mather


 Greg used both lead and foil for this project and Kokomo glass.
 He says the glass matches the other 80-plus-year-old windows in his church.  



Thank you Greg, for sharing your art glass work in the Gallery of GPQ's Spring 2012

publication and GPQ's Winter 2012 E-Newsletter!


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The newest feature in Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine is the "Gallery of Glass."  Send in your entry or entries for the Summer 2013 issue.  Theme: Summertime, Nature, Seaside, and Seascape. Submission Deadline is April 30, 2013.
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We hope you've enjoyed reading our newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for 
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Maureen James
Delynn Ellis 
Managing Editor