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                Glass Patterns Quarterly 

Newsletter Winter 2009
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Maureen's Musings
Baseless Conical Fan Lamp
Glass for your Home
Melt Your Valentine's Heart
The Kiln Corner
Lisa Tilson 
 Lisa took her first stained glass class in the mid 70's while attending Berry College, where she graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science and a B.S. in Biology. Most of her employment has been connected with animals. Later she earned an A.S. in nursing and practiced for twelve years as an R.N. Lisa grew up with horses and all kind of pets. She now lives on a small farm, which she shares with numerous rescued animals. Lisa shares, "I just can't imagine living without them." She spends her full time at home now, tending her gardens and animals and indulging in her creative side. You can view more of Lisa's glass art by visiting her website at:
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 Glass Tip
by Jennell Hogue
Glass-a-holic Publications 
If you have foiled your project or used the tack- solder method and you know it may be a while before you work on it again, wrap the whole project (while it is pinned on the work board) in plastic wrap. This will keep the oxygen in the air from turning the foil and the solder dark. This makes soldering a breeze when you decide to work on your project again, because oxidized foil is more difficult to solder. Oxidized solder is difficult to touch up. Be sure to clean off any flux before wrapping.
 Glass Safety Tip
by Peggy W. Johnsen
  Basic Stained Glass
Always wear eye protection when working with glass. If you don't wear glasses, buy
a pair of safety glasses and use them.

Maureen James
Dear Readers,
These freezing temperatures have us all holed up inside, and I hope you have turned to your favorite glass hobby. Thank you to all who filled out our brief Survey. If you haven't yet done so, why not do it now? It's a way that you can interact with the editor, the art director, and the glass artists who build the projects each quarter. Let us know your interests in glass so that we can better serve you. From past survey results, it's clear that many of you like the stained glass projects for gifts, but some voiced that they'd like to see some larger projects as well in the magazine. I've searched out several for you that I believe you'll like and have even more lined up for you in the issues to come. When we asked what areas of glass most interested you, 92% chose stained glass, 45% mosaics, 30% bevels, 29% fusing, 27% dimensional projects, 26% lamps, 21% jewelry, 17% metal clay, 15% etching/sandblasting, and flameworking 15%, while 12% chose architectural projects. I must admit that we have one diverse readership! But did you know that we have been planning and preparing materials for this multiplicity for twenty-five years now, and it doesn't really shock us all that much. We've known for years that we have both a beginner audience and artists who've been doing glass for over 15 years. We have something for everyone.

We have so many NEW products to tell you about. Our designers have been busy for months testing and firing, cutting and shaping, painting and assembling their unique works of art so that you will have a wide variety of projects to add to your workbench. This past winter issue was overflowing, and there just weren't enough pages for all the content. We've added some of these projects to the website and hope you visit the pages below for fresh new content that will get you thinking about glass. It is our hope that these tutorials and articles keep you stretching and growing in glass. Another source of great information is our Projects section on our website, You may wish to visit often to see the new projects and patterns that are posted there regularly. Feel free to share them with your family and friends.
We have even posted a gallery of artwork from Ceilyn M. Boyd, of Studio Joyti in West Roxbury, MA whose work we admire and wanted to share with you. We think you'll find her work fresh and interesting and just the thing you might be looking for to spruce up your kitchen or windows in your home. I hope you enjoy viewing our first gallery and our newsletter until your next issue arrives.
Thanks to all the fans on Facebook. You make us feel welcome and supported and, yes, challenged. What a great way to keep in touch with our readers. Please join the growing number of Glass Patterns Quarterly readers who have become fans of the magazine on Facebook.   Once you're a member, click on the "Become a Fan" button in the upper right-hand area and publicly support Glass Patterns Quarterly.
While you're inside this winter, why not finish that stained glass project you've started. And don't forget to send us an image when you have it finished.  
Stay warm,
Maureen James, Editor
Fan LampBaseless Conical Fan Lamp
design by Michael C.Thomas
A Tiffany-style shade assembled on a do-it-yourself poster board form. The form, a cone, is ideal for small-scale stained glass pattern making.
Glass for you HomeGlass for your Home
design by Ceilyn M. Boyd
Innovative designs and ideas for decorating. 
Melt Your Valentine's Heart
design by Darlene Johnson & Judy Lee
These fused hearts are great calorie-free Valentine's Day gifts
and will capture everyone's Heart!
Kiln CornerThe Kiln Corner
Observing A Kiln During Firing 
 by Arnold Howard
 Questions and answers for troubleshooting the operation of kilns.
A Beginner Project
design by Deverie Wood
This is one of seventeen snowflake designs in Deverie Wood's book The Magic of Snowflakes.
Upcoming Events
Best Bead Show Tucson, AZ
February 3-7, 2010
The American Craft Council
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD 21201
February 23-24 2010 Wholesale Show
February 25-28, 2010 Public Show 
For more information click here.
American Mosaic Summit
9th Annual SAMA Conference
The Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, IL 
March 17-21, 2010
For more information click here. 
Smith Museum of Stained Glass at Navy Pier                             
Chicago, IL                                                                                 
March 1-April 30, 2010                                                               
For more information
click here.    
Glass Craft & Bead Expo
Las Vegas, NV
April 7-11, 2010 
Glass Art Society 40th Annual Conference
Ingenious Possibility
Louisville, KY
June 10-12, 2010

Be sure to catch the Winter 2009 issue of Glass Patterns Quarterly, where you'll find a beautiful Tiffany reproduction lamp and suggestions for incorporating art glass strips and found objects into stained glass panels. There is also an unusual free-form, open, leaded panel made with wrapped jewels and nuggets GPQWin09110incorporated into a zinc form, a stained glass portrait of a horse, and round panels inspired by the intricate basketry of the Tohono O'Odham Nation. You'll also find jewelry projects that include a slide link bracelet and ways to decorate cabochons using stringers and Silver Overlay Paste. Then try out the fusing projects for a pretty divided party tray and a textured-and-embossed fused dish. Rounding out this great issue is an article describing ways to use glass casting to create several different lampshades, a Q&A section on kiln operation, and a beginner mosaic tray with a traditional geometric design. Complete four-color, step-by-step instructions, patterns, and tips walk you through each process for projects that fit every level of crafting expertise. Also check this issue for our regular features on New Products, New Books and Patterns, What's Hot, and full-size patterns available only from GPQ. To subscribe, call 1-800-719-0769 or visit

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Reader's Corner! 
The best place to learn and enjoy glass is by taking a class at a local stained glass retailer. Here you'll meet people of like mind and similar interests. We would like for you to meet Colleen and Stan Price, the owners of Covenant Art Glass in Everett, Washington, They work hard to assure that their customers are thrilled with their experience in their store. To learn more about Covenant Art Glass, Profitable Glass Quarterly magazine will feature them in the Spring 2010 issue that is due out mid-February.  
To locate a stained glass class in your area visit and click on Stained Glass Shops (on the pull down menu) from the Hobbyist Corner header. 

3 Retailers GPQW09   

 Arts space quilt 
When the citizens of Everett, Washington, voted in a new art building for their community, Stan slipped into community organizer mode.  He recuited thirty-five artists to fundraise for the new building. Each artist was charged to develop an eight-inch square tile that has something to do with their home. The tiles were then assembled into a glass quilt and sold to raise money for the new county art home. The artists met at Price's retail store to get acquainted and organize the project. Most could paint but only about a quarter of them knew glass. The glass artists cut the glass using 96 COE materials donated by Spectrum Glass Co. Each tile was done in a style that was clearly identifiable to its respective artist. "It was amazing to see what people came up  with given the prompt of the word home. The tiles ran the gamut from a spider web to a Russian cathedral." The final four-by-seven-foot glass quilt is lit from inside. A local patron paid $20,000 for the piece and donated it to the new Artspace, where it will hang once the building is completed. The photo at the left shows only a portion of the Glass Art Tile Quilt.

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Glass Patterns Quarterly 
 Editor, Maureen James
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